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“Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet are
fundamental and must not be treated as optional.”
  - Mozilla Manifesto Principle 4

The Mozilla Security community provides leadership in security by building security features, testing software and systems, and leading industry standards to ensure that individuals retain the ability to make meaningful choices about security and privacy on the Internet.

This page documents the security-related activities for Mozilla and how to join us.

Reporting Security Issues

Mozilla relies on the security community to help secure our products and websites by reporting security issues. Our preference is to receive bug reports via our bug tracking system Bugzilla, however emailing (preferably encrypted) is also an option.

Details on the way we classify security bugs can be found here.

Security at Mozilla

Who are we?

Security at Mozilla is distributed among the following teams:

  • Security Engineering makes users of Firefox safer on the Internet.
  • Security Operations protects the product infrastructure and builds security services.
  • Firefox Fuzzing finds vulnerabilities in Firefox.
  • Security Assurance leads incident response, product security strategy, and risk management.

Contacting Us

The Mozilla security team is available via a number of channels:

  • Via email
    • to contact us privately or reporting security bugs
    • this is the best place to ask security questions that don't need to be private. You might also try searching this list for answers to your questions
    • You can also find us on a number of security related mailing lists including W3C WebAppSec
  • Via the #security channel on Mozilla's Matrix instance.

Need a security review for Firefox feature/change? See Security/Testing.

Information for developers

Security Bug Processes

Contributing to the security of Mozilla products

There are a range of ways to contribute to security engineering at Mozilla.


  • Implement security features
  • Fix outstanding security bugs
  • Contribute to security feature development

Security Testers

  • Test Firefox or Mozilla Websites as part of our bug bounty programs


  • Test & provide feedback on new security features
  • Improve security documentation

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