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Program Description

Private Browsing Users should to be able to use private browsing on my device so I can fully browse the web without my history and cookies being stored on the device.

Control Panel Users will have the ability not to be visiting sites that track their movement so they can safely browse the web without being tracked.

Product Requirements:

Full Specs

There are three parts to the Tracking Protection (TP) feature:

1) Browser FTE PopUp that tells the user about the new feature

IxD spec:

2) The TP toggle in Control Center that is session based

(WIP) IxD spec: (WIP) Visual spec:

3) The Default Setting (from #1 FTE PopUp) in Settings -> Browser Privacy

IxD spec:

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
Title Goes Here Bug ID User Story 1 Acceptance Criteria 1
Bug ID User Story 2 Acceptance Criteria 2
Help/Onboarding Bug ID User Story 3 Acceptance Criteria 3

Program Status

Milestone Date Status
2.5 Housekeeping 11/5/15 - 11/19/15 ON TARGET
Reviewing UX spec and enter bugs 11/9/15 - 11/13/15 ON TARGET
Project Kickoff Meeting 11/17/15 ON TARGET
Estimate timeline for user stories 11/17/15 ON TARGET
Beginning 2.6 build 11/19/15 ON TARGET

Status Key

Color Status Key
On Target The project or deliverable is expected to meet its due date.
Challenged The project or deliverable is facing an issue that might cause it to miss its due date, but a “get well” plan has been developed to get it back on track.
At Risk or Late The project or deliverable is blocked or facing an issue that might cause it to miss its due date, and there’s no “get well” plan to get it back on track, or it is already late.
Done The project or deliverable has been completed.
On Hold The project or deliverable has been placed on hold.

Program Timeline

Release Timeline.png

MVP Scope

Querying by 2.6+ features

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Below is a draft of a Product Backlog which reflects Product & UX priorities for post-2.5 feature development. This mostly involves finishing off and enhancing the features we started in 2.5 around Tracking Protection and Pin the Web.

The initial areas of focus to target for 2.6 include: Tracking protection, Web app discovery, Pinned content enhancements, and Enhanced W3C Manifest support

Dependency Tracking

Dependency Gantt Chart.png

Detailed Program Plan

Action Item Engineering Owner QA Owner UX Owner Bugzilla ID Planned Done Actual Done

Program Stakeholders

Role Name IRC
EPM Lindsay Saunders LRSaunders
EM Michael Henretty mhenretty
PM Ben Francis benfrancis
UX Tiffanie Shakespeare Tif
QA Alison Shiue alison
  • EPM = Engineering Program Manager
  • EM = Engineering Manager
  • PM = Product Manager
  • TL = Tech Lead
  • UX = User Experience
  • QA = Quality Assurance

UX Specs

IxD - Visual -

Reference Links