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  • Why is this survey needed?
In September, we created focused product teams and announced new product team leaders. At the Summit in October, we began discussing our overall Mozilla strategies and specific product strategies. It's now time to understand how our individual and department team activities are reflected in our financial planning and reporting processes.
  • How will the data be used?
Our intent is to publish this internal data monthly to help us all understand our activities and align them to our goals and investments on a more regular basis. Our collective goal is to ultimately to build a great activity feedback loop that maps what we are working on against our quarterly product and project goals. We believe this level of transparency will help us all increase our focus on ensuring we are all doing the right things at the right time.
  • How often is this survey sent out?
We are a dynamic bunch that is agile and mobile. Some will be on the same projects but some will change based on needs and/or timelines. This survey will be sent out on a monthly basis to capture any potential changes.


  • Q1 and Q2 2013: Instrumenting/Automating these survey results to our internal collection and financial reporting systems
  • Q3 2013: Revise survey to align to our new product team focus
  • Q4 2013: Launch survey, collect data, and report back
  • Q1 2014: Update survey to align to current product team focus; switched from internal build to surveygizmo
  • Q2 2014: Q1 2014 survey send out
    • 5/19/14: Survey send out
    • 5/30/14: Survey completion deadline
    • 6/9/14: Q1 2014 survey results shared

Survey Result

Product Activity Survey

Q3 2013 Product Activity Survey Link
Q1 2014: Individual link sent out via surveygizmo