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Top 3 list

If we could only achieve 3 goals, I would prioritize the following...

  • P1 Socorro features
    • Our crash reporting has not really caught up to the changes we made for rapid release, this has to be fixed.
  • Hiring - we need dedicated PMs for...
    • e10s
    • Tracking product features
    • Handling add-on, 3rd party, blocklist related tracking
  • Spec/requirements for project management tool/dashboard
    • The feature pages are too hard to maintain long term. We need more than this and bugzilla to keep track of what is going on.


Socorro features

Ensure that the following are implemented in Socorro in the Q3 timeframe.

  • P2
    • DLL Directory (bug 577613 - 2.1)
    • Content crashes (bug 578687 - 2.2)
    • Explosive crash detection (bug 629062 - 2.1) - implement the prototype algorithm in Socorro itself.
    • More items from "UItweaks" list - pick some specific ones?
  • P3
    • bug 642336 (untargeted) - summarized overview for signature
    • Correlation reports need to become better (bug 642325 - untargeted).

Top crashes

  • Help launch and track a project to resolve a top crash appearing in the top 20 list for a major release.
    • ie: Class of GC crashes like js::gc::MarkObject.
    • Success criteria here is something to check in that reduces the crashes in a particular area.


  • Inclusion of Fennec for top crash monitoring, reporting and weekly crashkill meeting.


  • Adding comments to plugin crashes - bug 648675
    • Get resourced and implemented.

General Project Mgmt

  • Six month engineering program and project management staffing plan
    • List of projects, roles and basic skills required (junior, senior).
  • Outline for a project management tool to track features and their progress (shared goal with Deb Richardson)
    • Step 1: Scenarios and use cases for PMs to track features.
    • Step 2: Detailed spec and requirements for PM tool(s).
  • Hire 2-3 program/project managers


  • Help revamp the current meeting schedule (joint goal with Christian)