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MozCamp Europe Discussions


  • Many wanted to find "corporate" solutions for Firefox, where we could offer some support or outreach to corporations to get Firefox into the work environment
  • Use the global influence of Mozilla in local markets to make change on the Web. Examples included promoting things that are good for the Web in places like places where we have high market share. The thought behind this was that we can influence local markets one-by-one and eventually change the global market. Promotion of open, web standards.

Detailed Notes

  • Internal update service/active directory (group policy) control; remote deployment and control supported by mozilla (MAR format?)
  • Enterprise, how and what?
    • Increase corporate use
    • Vertical market (corporate evangelism)...create choice there
    • Enabling/pushing Firefox in the enterprise
  • Using local market share to consciously influence open standards
  • Increase cooperation with groups which may share similar aims (open standards, FLOSS) for lobbying administrations
  • More conferences in universities, high schools, corporations
  • Explain what makes FF and Mozilla different
  • Grassroots distribution of 12 million badges
  • Recruit and army of Firefox trainers who will teach how to use Firefox and why they should care. "Train the trainer" = scalability/reach the masses 1:1
  • Annual "mozilla live" event (e.g. 10,000 people coming together for the open web. invite other projects/bloggers -- anyone who is interested in Mozilla/Firefox 2-3 day event)

Subsequent notes

  • This is where you want to add ideas you have on the Mindshare Goal if it was not captured earlier.
  • (received by email:) Make sure the PC vendors put Firefox on the desktops they ship.