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This is a sub-project of Project FoxEye. This is an experimental project

The name of this project is based on a legendary figure in ancient China called "Cangjie"[1].


  • 2015 Q3: Familiar with depth camera and gesture stuffs.
  • 2015 Q4: Proof of concept phase. And discuss with UX team if necessary.


[1]: Cangjie

About Authors


My name is Chia-hung Tai. I am a senior software engineer in Mozilla Taipei office. I work on Firefox OS multimedia stuffs. Before this jobs, I have some experience in OpenCL, NLP(Nature Language Processing), Data Mining and Machine Learning. My IRC nickname is ctai. You can find me in #media, #mozilla-taiwan, and #b2g channels. Also you can reach me via email(ctai at mozilla dot com).