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This is a sub-project of Project FoxEye. This is an experimental project trying to discover how current gesture capability can bring what kind of new experience to the Web. So the goal of this project will be knowing current technology boundary on gesture area. And based on current technology limitation, we would like to try is there any possiblility to create an attractive user experience on Web broswing? The name of this project is based on an traditional opera called "Glove Puppetry"[1]. You can see how amazing "Glove Puppetry" is on Youtube[2].


  • 2015 Q3: Familiar with depth camera and gesture stuffs.
  • 2015 Q4: Proof of concept phase. And discuss with UX team if necessary.



About Authors


My name is Chia-hung Tai. I am a senior software engineer in Mozilla Taipei office. I work on Firefox OS multimedia stuffs. Before this jobs, I have some experience in OpenCL, NLP(Nature Language Processing), Data Mining and Machine Learning. My IRC nickname is ctai. You can find me in #media, #mozilla-taiwan, and #b2g channels. Also you can reach me via email(ctai at mozilla dot com).