Project SmartKitchen/ Experiment 2: Video Survey

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Leap of Faith Assumption (LOFA) being tested

  • (S) We assume that people want recipe ideas that they can make with their existing inventory
  • (S) We assume people want to know the inventory of their fridge


  • If we create a video that shows our product vision and advertise it, we expect over 50% interest.

Experiment Overview:

  • Create a video that expresses the idea and possibilities of Project SmartKitchen
  • Deploy video SurveyGizmo and get paid responses

Experiment Timeline

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
07/15 Concept Created
07/19 Initial Meeting with Rainer and Spencer about concept
07/20 First Script iteration
07/22 Second Script iteration
07/25 Final Script Iteration
07/28 Filming Part 1
08/01 Filming Part 2
08/03 First Cut Video
08/04 Second Cut Video
08/05 Final Video
08/08 Deloy Video
08/11 End Study/Draw Conclusions

Experiment Details

Youtube Video