Project SmartKitchen/ Experiment 6: Upstream Concierge

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Status: In Progress

Question Being Answered:

  • Can an upstream integration with a grocery store or delivery service provide sufficient information to create a service that 1) is useful to people and 2) has differentiator qualities


  • If we provide an upstream integration service that provides recently purchased inventory and suggests recipes using the purchased inventory, then it will be useful to people beyond what services already exist.

Experiment Overview:

  • Use a concierge service to enter shopping purchases of users using existing bot and BigOven

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.40.53 AM.png

Experiment Timeline:

8/8 finalize design experiment
8/9 receive draft legal consent form
8/9 Identify experiment participants (ask them to save receipts over the weekend)
8/9-8/10 Design Pre-interview survey
8/8-8/19 Research existing apps in this space
8/11 Record YouTube training video for participants to show them how to use the bot
8/24 Send pre-interview interview to participants (Jacqueline)
8/24 Have participants create kik accounts and sign them up and start concierge service
9/6 Send out post-interview (Jacqueline)
9/6 Collect metrics (meals request, recipe request)
9/6 Collect online journals
9/6-9/9 Analyze Results

Experiment Details:

  • How to use the Kikbot for experiment: | Here