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  • Firefox: from node browser to web browser
    o Firefox browses nodes, the individual pages that make up the web, not the web of interconnected pages.  Extending Firefox with network analysis and visualziation features will reveal the connective structure of the web.
  • Short Description

o Firefox is a node browser, not a web browser: it displays only the individual page, not the web of interconnected pages.  To make the network structure of the web and other Internet resources and social media visible requires several extensions: a network canvass, layout engines for web graphs, scalable network metrics calculators, network storage, and web crawling features.

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Several additional features and services are necessary to expand the focus of the Firefox browser to include the web of pages around a single web page.

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    The web is improved when people can notice it and its structure.  Changes in the nature of the web are often invisible even for interested and engaged Internet users because the browser does not support the display of the webs of connections needed to create most pages, let alone the mesh of linked sites and pages that connect from them.
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    Social network, network analysis, visualization, web, graph, metrics, node browser, HTML5, canvas,
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