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Sustainability at MozFest

MozFest 2023

At MozFest 2023, sustainability related sessions are in the Tech & Biodiversty Track.



MozFest Sustainability Track

MozFest 2021 took place online March 8-19, 2021.

For the first time, we curated a dedicated Sustainability Track.

A sustainable future is one that is focused on justice and equity for current and future generations. Green tech, supply chains, sustainable making, repair and reuse, smart cities, tech policy, carbon footprints: there are many pieces to this puzzle.

In the Sustainability Space, identify your piece of the puzzle through debates, interactive sessions, art, virtual fish bowls, and more. As the climate crisis approaches and global inequality peaks, let’s organize, share experiences, and put these pieces together for a sustainable future.

Together, we’ll stand back and see an image of an equitable and just future.


The Sustainability Space Wranglers are:

  • Cathleen Berger, Mozilla Sustainability Steward
  • Chris Hartgerink, CEO Liberate Science
  • Eriol Fox, UX and Product Designer at Open Food Network
  • Sarah Kiden, Marie Curie Research Fellow


MozFest 2021 Schedule overview.


Learn more about how MozFest is built, how volunteers are identified and work together, how you can get involved, and what we look for in proposals here.

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