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Aaroncajes report February 2012 +I am very very active this month, i've been spreading firefox and its product through my twitter and facebook account. I've sponsored an event named: Webgeek relaunch and gave some swags to over 300 people working for the web and they're happy with our firefox swags =)  +
Aaroncajes report January 2012 +This month i received my ReMo swags, and i gave some of the "Mozilla" stickers to my friends and families. I've been promoting firefox not only on my personal socia media accounts, but with webgeek philippines too, a mozilla sponsored organization with up to 9,000 fans/followers. i have converted at least 3 people this month to switch from *other browsers name here * to firefox.  +
Abdulrahman Ghodayah report November 2011 +no activities  +
Abdulrahman Ghodayah report October 2011 +no activities  +
Abhisheknagar report January 2012 +Mozilla Awareness Camp in Uttarakhand Open University Haldwani.  +
Abhisheknagar report July 2011 +Started as Remo  +
Abhisheknagar report October 2011 +{{{Remo report past items}}}  +
Ahkeno report August 2011 +Disscussed with L10 volunteers at Cafe shop.  +
Ahkeno report December 2011 +Having Interview with Local Weekly Press Journal (Express time Journal)sharing the experience of Mozcamp Asia attend popcorn.js session held by Syafiqmazli and MY mozillian via skype Writing blog post about #mozcamp asia and how I become #remo http://ahkeno.wordpress.com/category/mozilla-myanmar/  +
Ahkeno report February 2012 +Created Mozilla Myanmar boot at Barcamp Mandalay and presented the speech both Barcamp Yangon and Mandalay. Blog posts are : http://ahkeno.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/mozilla-myanmar-session-at-barcampygn2012/ http://ahkeno.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/mozilla-myanmar-at-barcamp-mandalay/  +
Ahkeno report January 2012 +Created Mozcafe, meet well know developers shared idea,mission and brainstorming.Prepare for Barcamp Mandalay Mozilla session.  +
Ahkeno report July 2011 +Started Join Mozilla ReMo and planed to create Mozilla Myanmar User Group and L10 meetup.  +
Ahkeno report November 2011 +Attending #MozCamp Asia 2011 Having Interview with Local Weekly Press Journal (Internet Journal),sharing the experience of Mozcamp Asia  +
Ahkeno report September 2011 +Attending Regional Meeting for Asia Mozilla Reps Meeting with L10n Group member encourage to finalize the rest of Localization string.  +
AhmedSoliman report August 2011 +Attended ArabTechies 2011 with SinarShebl and Majda Nafissa, represented mozilla and shared the vision with attendeees  +
AhmedSoliman report December 2011 +Nothing. Have been busy in my work  +
AhmedSoliman report December 2012 +Discussions to kickstart migrating Mansoura to Firefox and Thunderbird according to the plan we are trying to push the government to do with OpenEgypt community.  +
AhmedSoliman report February 2012 +Nothing, too busy at work!  +
AhmedSoliman report November 2011 +Nothing  +
AhmedSoliman report October 2011 +Nothing  +
Ahsan.net report August 2011 +1. Activate Mozilla Bangladesh Twitter account. 2. Distribute ReMo Cards within the departments of AKCEYCOM Limited with a small briefing. 3. Attended the Discussion Meeting of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF), dated 25th August 2011. Talk with the participants about Mozilla's mission and projects, Firefox review, distribute ReMo Cards.  +
Ahsan.net report December 2011 +1. Mozilla featured by ATN News – “Young Nite”: [10th December, Friday night: 1:15am] BD Time and [10th December, Sat noon: 1:15pm] BD Time. i attended eASiA 2011 with ISOC and serving lighting talk about Mozilla and ISOC. Many visitors and participants of eAsia2011 were interested to know more about Mozilla. i try to give them the glimpse of ongoing Mozilla projects and technology. When preaching to the university students about Mozilla, dated 3rd Dec 2011, a video feed was taken and featured by ATN News – “Young Nite”. i talk about Mozilla projects, how people can get involved with Mozilla projects, contributor engagement programs, our past events, proposed upcoming programs. Mozilla Firefox badge, mozillareps.org website is highlighted with my name and designation. Among the listeners, a lady's feedback is added after my conversation with the host. http://youtu.be/G1vI80TVGsk 2. Invited to the aamra Open House Party 2011, held on 12th Dec 2011 at its Office premise. i meet a couple of decision makers (AGM tech, deputy Mkt manager) from aamra and discussed about IT business, open source and how we might do some win win tie ups. 3. Conversation with different print media [ example: The Independent (a local eng. daily Newspaper)] for media coverage. 4. Create list of of Students Reps/ contributors for reconnect. 5. Create Template PR Drafts, Mozilla Bangladesh Community overview layout and Mozilla Bangladesh event/ activities log at a glimpse in 2011. http://www.hottipsblog.com/2011/09/14/mozilla-bangladesh-community/  +
Ahsan.net report February 2012 +(1) Meeting with aamra infotainment limited (a local web solution and event management company) and discuss abt advertising, article/ news publishing etc. https://bangladesh.etherpad.mozilla.org/13 (2) Idea generation by gtalk discussion (local quiz contest, publish open source article/news/interview, featured banner) https://bangladesh.etherpad.mozilla.org/13 (3) Preparing for Dhaka University Campus Campaign Tour event.  +
Ahsan.net report January 2012 +1. Participate log two Mozilla Bangladesh Gtalk meetup 25th & 31st Jan,2012). 2. Discussion of 2012 road map of Mozilla Bangladesh. 3. Preparing for campaign at Dhaka Univ. and help BRAC Univ. campaign. 4. Spreading awareness on local websites. http://blog.bdnews24.com/mashkawat/63034 http://blog.bdnews24.com/mashkawat/63032 5. Mozilla blog post. http://www.write3.com/PostDetails.php?Id=2059  +
Ahsan.net report November 2011 +1. ReMo Meetup-Nov30, 2011: We discussed about the current status in Bangladesh and to do list. a) Mailing list: Not available. b) Website design - (domain, hosting): Not available c) Mail to ISP/ educational institute to generate awareness: Need a format d) Social network penetration: Google+ Group: Not available. Yahoo Group: Not available. Facebook Group: Not available. Facebook Page: Live (Admin: BD ReMo's, Mak_, Belayet Hossain). Twitter: Activated (Admin:Ahsan) Flicker: Activated (Admin:Ahsan) e)Local swag design and production: Need market assessment and model. f) preparation for upcoming events 2. Draft (A Template Letter to University) letter, organize and coordination for Mozilla Campus Campaign @ Uttara. 3. Coordination with APNIC/Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter for attending eASiA 2011 conference to represent Mozilla. 4. Distribute Mozilla cards. 5. Coordinating for more people interested in Mozilla and Open Web. 6. Locate new contributors / volunteers and ReMo.  +