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The idea with this page is that it eventually should explain what the Mozilla coding standard is trying to accomplish - the hope is that this page will also give some background information/history as to why we have come to a common understanding of these goals.

Currently (July 2009) we are not there yet, and the debate has just begun, so right now, the page contains a summary of the proposed goals, the discussion is in lack of a better place taking place in the news group: mozilla.dev.platform

Feel free to add new suggestions for goals here - but please don't delete or modify something others have written.

Make code execute as fast as possible

  • This is one of the common parameters that are used when we are compared to other browsers

Make code easy to maintain

  • If the code is easy to maintain we can spend more time developing new and fancy features

Make code easy to write

  • Code that is easy to write is less prone to errors for new contributes (and old ones?)

Make code esthetically pleasing to look at

  • If the code looks esthetically pleasing it will be more peaceful to our minds

Make code easy to work with for new contributers