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QAE 2009 Story

The Test Execution team plans to expand to wider product coverage, smarter and faster testing, and larger community evangelism.

Product Coverage Expansion. As mozilla expands into different product markets, so will the test team in parallel efforts. Firefox development remains the core of the mozilla product. But surrounding it will contain Thunderbird 2.x, Mobile browsing, Web development projects, Web marketing projects, and Mozilla Partner support. All areas break into a web of smaller projects, which we have always represented at. Meanwhile, we continue our coverage around security releases, finding ways to streamlining our coverage at a high-quality bar.

Smarter and faster testing. With the wider coverage on new products, and the need to maintain existing product support, it is integral to work smarter and test faster. We are constantly reassessing and streamlining manual testcases and testplans. By self-educating and practicing better test development habits, we are moving away from traditional black-box methodology. We are creating and buildin gtestcases across automation tools like mozmill, mochitests, xpcshell tests, js leak tests, and reftests. We are planning and documenting testplans at an earlier stage of feature development, by implenting agile test driven development practices on a nightly basis.

Community Evangelism. The interest in testing Mozilla products continues to grow daily. We are developing attractive ways to continue evangelising and recruiting community members from all levels of experience. We continue to host open bugdays and testdays, and actively recruiting through community forums and newsgroups. We build community tools like the QA Extension and utilize public-facing pages full of documentation like QMO. We are outreaching harder and stronger to the localization community, providing steps and advice to testing Mozilla products, while encouraging a self-driven test environments in other parts of the world. And we continue to expand our presence in targeted markets like accessibility, evangelizing test and develpoment support in these specialized areas. We also continue our support for the rapid response team, raising critical known bugs and working hand in hand with the mozilla support staff.