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App Sharing is a feature currently targeted for Firefox 34 that uses WebRTC for screensharing all windows of an app. If a site/domain is in the screen/app/window sharing whitelist, then those sites will be allowed to prompt you for permission to your screen, windows or collection of windows associated with an app. It shares a collection of windows associated with a particular app.

If you find new bugs in app sharing, please report them with [appsharing-uplift] in the whiteboard and set them to block bug 1053215.

To test app sharing:

  • start multiple applications
  • start Firefox Nightly 34
  • set media.getusermedia.screensharing.enabled = true
  • set media.getusermedia.screensharing.allowed_domains =
  • open
  • start Application
  • click on the "Application to share:" drop-down to get the list of applications

Meta bugs:

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
923225 [meta] Add screen/app/window sharing support -- NEW
1036653 Implement application sharing for getUserMedia P1 VERIFIED
1040061 Screen sharing and Window Sharing for Fx 33 -- RESOLVED
1053215 [meta] app sharing for Fx34 -- RESOLVED

4 Total; 1 Open (25%); 2 Resolved (50%); 1 Verified (25%);

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
923227 Add platform support for screen/app/window sharing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
923228 Add UX support for screen/app/window sharing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
923229 Security and privacy review of screen/app/window sharing RESOLVED FIXED
983504 Make GUM able to pull screen into a MediaStream RESOLVED FIXED
1036653 Implement application sharing for getUserMedia VERIFIED FIXED
1038926 Add support for window sharing for getUserMedia RESOLVED FIXED
1039666 Basic tests for Desktop & Window Screensharing RESOLVED FIXED
1040061 Screen sharing and Window Sharing for Fx 33 RESOLVED FIXED
1041660 write tests for the screensharing doorhangers NEW
1041677 reposition the global webrtc sharing indicator if the screen resolution changes NEW
1041679 implement the shadow behind the global webrtc sharing indicator RESOLVED WONTFIX
1041766 Add test cases for switching the video stream between screenshare and camera and back NEW
1041767 Add test cases for adding and removing a screenshare video track to an existing PeerConnection NEW
1041769 Add test cases for screen sharing in a separate peer connection NEW
1042545 Shortcutkey underline does not have the same thickness in doorhanger RESOLVED INVALID
1042631 The pointer from Firefox window share shows misplaced VERIFIED FIXED
1042659 Pop-up from screen/window/audio indicates to the wrong position when and after exiting from fullscreen RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1043808 Orange cleanup for Linux window/screensharing tests RESOLVED FIXED
1047989 Inconsistent order of webrtc icons RESOLVED WONTFIX
1047994 Screen sharing: black title bar on Windows 8 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1051834 screensharing allows the sharing indicator to be shared NEW
1053215 [meta] app sharing for Fx34 RESOLVED FIXED
1053274 [Linux] Inconcistency on hovering over the global indicator for screen/device sharing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1053737 getUserMedia leaks a lot of memory, especially with screen sharing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1057356 Pop-up from video/audio/screen/window appears noticeable faster then Firefox after it was minimized and gets focused by global indicator RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1135655 Default tab (aka browser) sharing resolution is poor compared to window sharing RESOLVED FIXED
1151189 window/screen/application sharing not working on gum_test.html on OpenBSD NEW
1318702 Firefox window goes black when screen sharing a Google Chrome tab RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1325108 Closing window (application) will continue to display latest preview in the sharing area NEW
1325365 Window (application) is not displayed in the sharing drop down list while minimized NEW
1325397 The number of open windows is only updated in the sharing drop down after a page refresh NEW
1345175 Sharing a window shows the preview in the drop down at actual size UNCONFIRMED
1352832 window title not update in window list if screen sharing request later on different, second page NEW
1371000 Firefox not seeing all windows available to share VERIFIED FIXED
1380346 Improve screenshare testing RESOLVED FIXED
1392565 Only part of the screen is shared (25%) when user shares the entire screen with firefox beta and nightly RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1395289 Screensharing is broken (only a quarter of the screen updates + garbage) OSX (regression) RESOLVED FIXED
1395566 Enable desktop capture tests. RESOLVED FIXED
1398716 Can not share chrome's screen in some windows OS RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1409018 Screen capture does not update on OS X since we started targetting OS X 10.9 RESOLVED FIXED
1412333 [Linux] Screen share selection on dual monitors - only "entire screen" option available VERIFIED FIXED
1432793 Crash in mozalloc_abort | abort | webrtc::ViEEncoder::ReconfigureEncoder VERIFIED FIXED
1449832 getUserMedia crops video track when requesting screen with single dimension constraint VERIFIED FIXED
1450658 Should bring window to front when screen-sharing a window VERIFIED FIXED
1452561 WebRTC screenshare of window crashes tab if you maximise the shared window on Mac OSX RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1453269 Remove screen capture resolution hack from MediaEngineRemoteVideoSource.cpp NEW
1453740 Crash when shared window is minimized VERIFIED FIXED
1453826 Single dimension screen sharing resolution constraints could behave more reasonably RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1455364 Crash in [@ CrashReporter::TerminateHandler | std::__terminate][@ webrtc::MouseCursorMonitorMac::CaptureImage(float)] RESOLVED FIXED
1456101 Intermittent Linux xserver hang with webrtc screen capture hangs user's desktop VERIFIED FIXED
1466742 Application sharing does not work on Windows RESOLVED WONTFIX
1469863 The name and content of shared windows are not displayed using RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1470854 Low number of frames are generated during window/screensharing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1497602 Enable DirectX screen capturer on Windows RESOLVED FIXED
1500426 We should upstream the changes to last_cursor_ in NEW
1557987 Selecting entire screen in getDisplayMedia() makes mouse flicker constantly NEW
1558475 Intermittent Linux xserver hang with webrtc screen capture hangs user's desktop NEW
1586071 Use CroppingWindowCapturer for desktop capture NEW
1599441 Issue in Firefox Screen sharing when connected to external monitor(extended desktop mode) in Mac OS (tested in Catalina) RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1604671 getDisplayMedia limiting framerate RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1608486 Flickering when sharing "Entire Screen" on Ubuntu 19.10 NEW
1625694 getDisplayMedia media stream is missing cursor on Linux VERIFIED FIXED
1629319 [WAYLAND] Screen sharing will cause firefox to crash UNCONFIRMED
1637658 screen sharing is clipped to the top left VERIFIED FIXED
1642807 The last shared screen remains blocked on Jitsi meeting after stop sharing the screen by using the "Stop Sharing" button RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1643472 Fire ended event on screen-sharing track when user revokes permission in Firefox UI RESOLVED INVALID
1643675 screen sharing wayland requires multiple permission dialogs UNCONFIRMED
1667814 getDisplayMedia cursor capture not working under Fedora Linux NEW
1670063 Minimizing a sharing window shares a frozen image of the animation of it going into the dock NEW
1670334 Black border around window captured with Screen Capture API NEW
1672126 webRTC: mouse pointer displayed at wrong position on shared screen NEW
1682232 Screensharing should end automatically when the shared window is closed RESOLVED DUPLICATE

72 Total; 24 Open (33.33%); 37 Resolved (51.39%); 11 Verified (15.28%);