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Discussion Items

  • Go over Takeaways from BT workweek
  • Mobile Bug Tracking
    • feedback from devs on this
  • Server environment for BrowserID-type projects
    • FF Home (aka Pancake) using a similar setup?

Project Status

  • Fennec (kevin, aaron)
    • Other
    • Automation (martijn)
      • Removing failing restests from crowd-source extension
      • Setting up peoples account, moving stuff over there
  • Sync
    • Client (Tracy)
      • s-c client train went out on schedule. (5 bugs)
      • working on a page that tracks each weekly train and each bugs progression up the channel ladder. data has been collected, just need to put it in a document.
      • starting work on account setup test case with Mozill.
    • Server (James)
      • Proof of concept Sync server installations on CentOS, EL6, Ubuntu, and Fedora are complete.
      • Final configuration of Sync Server on our new EL6 VM is near completion.
      • OPs is actively reconfiguring the Stage and Load Test environments to make them more useful to both Dev and QA for weekly trains and other off-cycle testing.
      • Weekly train for Account-Portal changes has been delayed one week due to the above work.
    • Load Testing (Owen)
      • Owen is out at Automation QA Team WorkWeek in England.
      • Sync server-side automation of API is progressing well.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • built-in door hanger notifications abandoned. Use of it was going against accepted practices.
    • first pass at 1.3 on mobile shows some issues but it is at least working with the initial back/forward study.
  • Identity (james)
    • Test Plan DRAFT1 was completed and posted last week.
    • Test Plan DRAFT2 with updates is in progress to capture latest changes/additions.
    • Research/investigations continue for server-side test issues, plus security/privacy concerns.
    • Weekly Train #1 should be available by Thursday afternoon deployed to the new Beta Browser ID.
  • Pancake (Naoki)
    • Project
      • RSS feed is in
      • Addon and Search to be landed soon
      • iOS App to be build soon
    • QA
      • Status on hold until more components go into the product
    • Dev
      • Switching from Sync to BrowserID implementation for login
      • Direction of getting core functionality out first

Round Table