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Pilot Update - Please read this first

    • Update as of January 21, 2016
      • Work on BuddyUp has now been completed - thanks for all of your help!
  • Phase I of Buddy Up is complete and we are now in Phase II
    • Contact if you want to help with any tasks
    • Current team:
      • Marcia Knous (IRC marcia) & Ioana Chiorean (IRC ioanachiorean)- Mentors
      • Alfredos - (IRC fredy)
      • Christos
      • Ada
      • Aki
      • Add your name here
  • How to find us/Ask Questions
    • #buddyup on
    • QA BuddyUp - Telegram app (Ask Ioana or Marcia for an invite)
    • Discourse thread for general questions
  • Here's how you can help in Phase II
    • I have a Flame device/Shipped FX OS Device: Go to BuddyUp Github repo and install the device using the instructions on Line 12 here.
    • I do not have a Flame device: you can participate by installing the app using the FX OS Simulator.
    • Help us test fixes before the new version is uploaded to the Marketplace
    • Help us with localization!
    • Help us develop automation
    • Help add any necessary test cases in MozTrap
    • Help add tasks to One and Done

Current Meeting Schedule


BuddyUp is a web app currently under development for Firefox OS that enables peer-to-peer support with smart features like screen sharing, as well as on-device notifications when a contributor answers your questions. It’s a single support entry point for users and it integrates support offered on hardware, software or service issues.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to create and maintain an open space where smartphone users (FxOS and others) can get together on a shared platform and help each other improve their usage experience. This project is an excellent example of the Mozilla mission in action: human collaboration across an open platform. And we would like you to be a part of it!

Why do we build it

Key benefits include:

  • Leverage an existing community of volunteers and programs - SUMO Community, Mozilla Reps, Student Ambassadors, Buddy Program
  • Make it easy for any FxOS user interested to help to become and feel part of a larger community of helpers
  • Reward through helping others (through instant support and “show me”)

Cutting Edge Technology

Buddy Up will leverage WebRTC as the underlying technology to support real-time communication.

Objective of Pilot Program

The Buddy Up QA Pilot program aims to recruit and train community members to actively own testing of this project. This group of volunteers would independently develop a plan to perform all testing, smoketests, develop test cases and test plan under the tutelage of two QA team mentors, Marcia Knous and Ioana Chiorean. This is the first time Mozilla is embarking on a completely community driven testing project!

Learning Opportunities

  • How to prepare a QA test plan
  • How to write manual test cases and enter them into MozTrap
  • How to write automated test cases
  • QA best practices
  • QA Testing methodology
  • Testing and debugging an app on FX OS
  • Note: Flame devices will be given to those that participate

Who you will meet

  • Developers, QA, Project Managers and UX Designers working on the project

Where the Code Lives

The current work is being done in a Github repo and can be pushed to the device if you follow the instructions on Line 8 here.

Criteria for the Positions

Note: It is not expected that everyone on the Pilot will work on the same QA area - the criteria below are general guidelines for participation. We expect to recruit and train 4 community members for this Pilot.

All community members are welcome to apply for these positions.

  • Ideally will be available the week of February 23-27, 2015 for a training event with the entire Buddy Up team at an EU Mozilla space. At this event you will meet the entire team and work side by side with them.
  • Ideally willing to commit to participate in the project the entire year
  • Ideally willing to participate in the weekly team Vidyo meetings and report progress once a week. Status can also be reported to the team mailing list asynchronously.
  • Ideally willing to go back into their local communities and help recruit and train others following the pilot training
  • We would ask that you would commit to 8 hours a week at minimum, and use that time to regularly file bugs in Bugzilla, write testcases, and perform testing scenarios.
  • Prefer EU volunteers, but willing to consider anyone who can be available during central European time.
  • Would prefer volunteers that have some familiarity with both QA and FX OS, but this is not mandatory. Enthusiasm and a thirst for learning is really what is needed!

How to Apply

Send an email to and include the following information:

  • Important: Please add "Buddy Up Application" to the subject line of the email
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your Mozilla Reps or Mozillians profile if you have one
  • Your location
  • Short biography
  • Why you are interested in participating and what you hope to get out of the project
  • Please include your availability for the week of February 23, 2015


  • Applications should be submitted no later than January 25, 2015