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So you found a bug? Let's see how to report that crash!

Note to First Time Bug Reporters

  • Use this form:
  • Video Guide to Bugzilla for Humans is also a great intro to Bugzilla for people that have never used it.
  • New Bugzilla users start out with minimal privileges, so your bugs will show up in the UNCO state. As you become more proficient in Bugzilla, you can earn "Can Confirm" and "Edit Bugs" Privileges. You can always ping someone in the #qa channel on to inquire about getting more privileges. Here are qualifications for getting enhanced privileges in Bugzilla:
    • Have URLS to two bugs to which you have attached patches or testcases; or
    • Have URLS to relevant comment on three bugs which you wanted to change, but couldn't, and so added a comment instead.
    • "editbugs" implies "canconfirm"; there's no need to apply for both.

Gather the Crash Information

Type about:crashes in the URL bar

  • Locate the crash stack – it will look something like [@ libgcrypt.11.dylib@0xc21a ].
  • Make sure to add it in that exact form in the Summary field
    • An example would be: Crash in [@ libgcrypt.11.dylib@0xc21a ] while loading Zimbra calendar
  • Paste the report ID in the bug comments section. (This is important so the crash shows up in with a bug associated to it)
    • Report ID will look like this: bp-68a686c4-9a15-4326-a812-c8b772100812

Search Bugzilla for the bug first

  • Although you may not find it, this will at least try to prevent duplicate bugs from being filed. Also consult the Bugs filed Today link to see if someone beat you to it! You can also add DUPEME to the status whiteboard if you are unsure, and a query will pick that up so we can check to see if it a dupe.

Pick the Product/Component

  • Most bugs will go in either “Core”, “Firefox” or “Toolkit”. You may not always be able to tell exactly where to report the crash, but use your best judgment. If you cannot figure out which component to put it in, please file the bug in Firefox | General.
  • Some Helpful Tips
    • Major Core Areas:
      • Drag and Drop
      • Javascript
      • Keyboard
      • Layout
      • Plugins
      • Printing
    • Major Toolkit Areas
      • Addons Manager (Addon Compatibility issues get filed under the Firefox component)
      • Application Update (Software Update)
      • Download Manager
      • Password Manager
      • Places
      • Preferences
      • Toolbars


  • Include the version of the browser you are using. If you are running 58.x, please select 58 Branch. If you the issue is also reproducible on other Branches, please select the “Trunk” version.

Hardware and OS

  • Set both to all if the bug is reproducible on all platforms. Otherwise if it is a specific to an OS make sure that it shows in the OS field.


  • If you can reproduce the crash on a website, please include that site in the “URL” field.


  • Always include the Build ID.
    • Get it by typing about: in the URL bar
  • Include a set of Steps to Reproduce the bug. Please be as detailed as possible. For example, you should include whether you used the mouse or keyboard to initiate a command. Mozilla Developer Bug Writing Guidelines has many other suggestions as to what you should include in the bug.


  • Add the “crash” keyword to the keywords field.
    • "regression" keyword: Regression from a previous release (Example: The site works fine in 3.6.x but crashes on the trunk) add the regression keyword as well as the regression-window wanted to hunt down a regression range.

How to report a bug if you find a bug AND you have a reproducible test case

  • Follow the same instructions as above, except do the following:
    • Attach the testcase under the attachment section.
    • Add the "testcase" keyword to the bug



  • Please email This is a first draft, 8/13/10 and will be updated accordingly.