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Bugzilla is currently not setup to support and track multiple branches. Current workaround requires creating complicated and advanced queries. This is a working list of usecases on how we want to enhance branch support for bugzilla by different teams.


  • bug 55970 The bugzilla developers want a bug-cloning system called "sightings" and have spec'd out something they've targeted for version 4 (a long way away)
  • Asa and Dan have requested bug 336790, wontfixed in favor of bug 55970 but maybe easier for us to hack into BMO while waiting for the official feature (but migration may be painful).
  • Similar idea is bug 79964, "More than one version per bug". Various workarounds using existing bugzilla features are suggested in the bug.

Use Cases


  • Ability to quickly search for fixed bugs on multiple branches
  • Ability to easily mark which bugs are verified for which branch or trunk
  • Ability to identify bugs fixed on trunk, but still need to land in which branch
  • Ability to track branching dates, and what bugs landed in that branch