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An overview of the Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community Mentors, their activities and how to get involved as a mentor!

Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community Mentor

Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community Mentors are a group of people who contribute their time to encourage people to contribute in QA, help them to onboard as an contributor and keep them engaged with the Mozilla Bangladesh QA community!

Responsibility of QA Community Mentor

  • Encourage other people to contribute in QA (Maybe by saying, why you yourself do QA)
  • Guide New people to onboard as an Contributor
  • Keep all the contributor engaged with the existing Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community!
  • Having a follow up with the contributor who are falling back while doing their contribution!

Our Existing QA Community Mentor

We already have a good number of people who are shaping the structure of our community and making the community one of awesome place to contribute with fun! Want to know about those super awesome people? Look below!

Mentor's Name Mozillian Profile URL Expertise area of Contribution Started Contribution as mentor
Hossain Al Ikram Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring March, 2015
Nazir Ahmed Sabbir Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring May, 2015
Towkir Ahmed Testing Features, Bug Triage, Mentoring May, 2015
Rakibul Islam Ratul Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring May, 2015
Rezaul Huque Nayeem Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring May, 2015
Sayed Mohammad Amir Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring May, 2015
Ashickur Rahman Noor Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring May, 2015
Khalid Syfullah Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring November, 2015
Mohammad Maruf Islam Testing Features, Bug Verification, Mentoring January, 2016

Want to Onboard as a QA Community Mentor? Join Us!

QA Community Mentors are a group of specialized people who volunteer their time to shape the future of Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community, who plays an active role by giving inputs/feedback and took part to make the community better and work unitedly as a community! If you think, you have time to volunteer to shape the future and want yourself included to make the future for Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community, We appreciate your interest and welcome you to apply to be a QA Community Mentor!

Before Applying, What you should Know

If you are going to apply for QA Community Mentor, There are some ***good to have*** activity mentioned below. We encourage to apply after having this good to have activities!

  • Contributed in QA for at least 3 Months
   As a QA Community Mentor will be helping to shape the future and as we plan things around QA, we can highly benefitted
if you have good expertise in QA. We don't want you to be pro, but good knowledge in at least one activity (Testing, Triage, Verification,
Writing Test Cases) is good to have activity!
  • There is no Contribution Time limit!
  As a Mentor, there is no particular time that you must have to volunteer! So, you are free to contribute when you have time to volunteer!
We only can say Volunteer as much as you love to Volunteer

How our existing QA Community Mentors emerged

In past, We didn't have this much workforce, which we have now! When we started evolving as an community, Contributors started volunteering more time to shape the community, which you can see right now! In past, we didn't know, what should be the duties of a mentor or how we can get someone on board as a mentor. But it's only their interest and passion which has helped us! With the help of all the mentors, we developed everything, we helped ourselves to grow as an community!

Anyone who is willing to volunteer their time as mentor, we just want to say, Try to love the community, as we all love and help it to make better!


If you feel the passion and interest to join as a QA Community Mentor, Please send a email to and include the following information:

  • Important: Please add "QA Community Mentor Application" to the subject line of the email
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your Mozillians profile [If you don't have, please create one from ]
  • Your location and Work Of place [Maybe University, If you are a student]
  • Short biography
  • Other Volunteer activities, that you are part of!
  • Your Contributions in QA [ You can add about all the QA events that you joined ]
  • Why you are interested to be a Mentor?
When you have sent the mail, please wait next 2 weeks and you will be notified about your following steps!