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Contributor of the Month

Contributor of the Month is a recognition which is given every month by the Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community to outstanding QA Contributors who have gone above and beyond by contributing in QA from Bangladesh Community. Though, the name is Contributor of the Month but it will be awarded to people based on all the contribution he/ she did in the Bangladesh QA Community.

Selection Criteria

This Recognition structure has been created to choose an outstanding contributor (Contributor of the Month) and send that person a token of appreciation. Any contribution is eligible, it doesn't have to be overload contribution in a month. As time comes, there might be a huge number of contributor for which the recognition procedure become more complicated. To help it and to make the process more perfect for everyone, Contributor of the Month will be selected based on below criterias:

  • Attend/Participate in events organized by the Bangladesh QA Community.
    • Maybe not all but a few when time allows.
  • Attend/Participate in Test Days and/or Bug Days.
  • Contributing in QA for a good time.
    • Preferably an Active Contributor.
  • Interact through our communication channels.
  • Communicate with other Contributors/ Mentors in the community.
  • Actively share his/her ideas and give feedback to others.
  • Have a passion for helping other contributors in the community!
Someone does not need to fulfill all the requirement mentioned above to become contributor of the month.
( Though it is good to fulfill all the criterias )

Selection Process

  • Open Nomination:
    • Each month, an open nomination process will start so that anyone who thinks him/her/someone else eligible to become Contributor of the Month can nominate anyone. Open Nomination will start on 15th of every month and will close at 25th of that month.
  • Exclusive Nomination:
    • Core Contributors can nominate others who did astounding contributions in a period of time.
Though, they can't nominate themselves with this process.
  • Selection Phase:
    • Between 25th to 30th of every month, based on the nomination received, Core Contributors will go for a voting and the person who will receive highest vote will be announced as Contributor of the Month.
During this phase, no nomination can be made. 


Contributor of the Month will be announced in the beginning of every month. This will be an continuous process (Unless, there is some situation which will be announced also in the Bangladesh QA Community's mailing list.)

Contributors who were "Contributor of the Month"

Contributor of the Month In - Contributor Name Mozillians Profile Blog Post
July, 2016 Nazir Ahmed Sabbir
July, 2016 Rezaul Huque Nayeem
December, 2016 Example Example Example
December, 2016 Example Example Example

Special token of appreciation for Contributor of the Month

Contributors who will be announced as Contributor of the Month will be appreciated with a special token of appreciation.

Contributor of the Month Swag

Contributor Of the Month Swag.jpg