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Photography Resources

To better Support Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community, We were able to buy few resources for photography in 2016. This resources are part of the community and anyone, who is driven by Mozilla Mission and Goals and Lives in Bangladesh.

As this is a community resource, to take care of it as a resource and make proper use of it, We are creating a guideline for curating purpose. We are requesting everyone, to follow this guidelines and help us to curate our own resources!

What We have as "Photography Resources" ?

  Canon 700D
  • We do have a Canon EOS 700D + EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS STM II Lens.
    • If you are wondering, if we have any other lenses, The answer is NO. We only have this ONLY.
  Xiaomi's Mi 5
  • We do have 32 GB edition of MI 5 by Xiaomi. It is a good device to capture pictures in handy moments.
This Resource is only available for community purpose,it can be a local event 
or a bigger event, depending on a logical purpose, This can be done.

Who can request?!

  1. Any Mozillian, who is contributing towards Mozilla's mission and goals.
Contributors, Contributing towards QA will be giving more preferences
  • That should be all!

When I can request? I want to capture my bathroom singing video, Am I eligible?

When times come, We will be facing many situation of different kinds. For better purpose of the community
and to keep our resources in good health, We will be following guidelines to using our resources by contributors/mozillians.
  • Anyone can request for any event of his own family.
    • Event can include: Birthdays, Marriage Ceremony or similar of any members of contributor/mozillian.
    • Family Member means Anyone in the blood relation. If he is married, his/her partner's blood relation's event is also considerable.

I am eligible? Now, what to do?

Just send an email, saying your date (when you need, which device) and your reason for request to You should be notified shortly.