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Interested in helping prevent possible web regressions?

The Mozilla QA team is building a mailing list that will be devoted exclusively to individuals and teams who are interested in providing valuable test coverage for Firefox pre-release software, including Firefox 3.6.x and 3.5.x branch security and stability releases. If you are a web developer or have a site that you would like to test during our release candidate cycle, we invite you to join this list. We will announce and communicate when builds are ready to test by using this list, so you will have a chance during the release candidate cycle to identify any possible issues *before* we push bits live. We may also periodically send out alerts when we need focused testing in an area.

Our community is a valuable resource, and we hope we can build a network of trusted testers who we can count on to help us make the web experience great for all of our users. If you feel you meet the criteria, please visit to apply for membership to the list.

Questions about the list? Please see the FAQ below.


  • Q. Who should join the betatesters list?
  • A. Individuals who are interested in testing our release candidates and developer builds with the hopes of finding any possible regressions before the final release is shipped. We would really like folks who do advanced web development using HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX), Plugins (Flash, QuickTime). If you develop widely deployed web applications or web application frameworks (especially those used in intranet environments) we are very interested in making sure that updates to Firefox do not break your code.

In addition, we would appreciate the involvement of members of our extension developer community. Finding regressions before they break your extension is good for you as well as us.

  • Q: Are we really testing betas?
  • A: No, technically you will be testing release candidates and developer builds. We use the "beta" channel designation for our release candidates as well as "beta." Having that as your default update channel will ensure that you get the release candidate as soon as it is available, possibly even before the email notification.
  • Q: I am interested in general testing - where should I go?
  • A: The Mozilla Quality portal, is the locus of all of the information concerning testing and how you can get involved in the general QA effort. There are Bug Days and Test Day events that you can participate in if you are interested in becoming a nightly tester or interested in general testing.