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Our Mozilla Quality and Automation Community calls are OPEN to all.

Join us every other Tuesday to get onboard with Mozilla's QA and Automation community! This call is a place for these Mozilla teams to share new and emerging projects they're working on as well as inviting the wider community to participate and lead bold new initiatives. Bring your projects, bring your ideas, and let's kick this off!


  • We meet every other Tuesday at 8AM Pacific/15:00 UTC.
  • That's 8am Pacific Standard Time | 11am Eastern Standard Time | 17pm Central European Time | 20:30pm India Standard Time | 15:00 UTC
  • Confused about timezones? See Are We Meeting Yet?

How to dial in

You can call these numbers using either a phone or Skype

Note that it says "webmaker" calls, as long as you are using our passcode above, you are going to be connected to our call.

Upcoming calls

  • October 7 (needs link)

You can add notes, questions and things you'd like to share to the call agendas. The Etherpad naming convention is