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Mozilla has a rich history of hosting "Developer Days' which allowed community members to gather to meet and talk about what they are doing in the Mozilla project. To this end, the Mozilla QA team would like to host a QA Developer Day event(s) in 2008. We want to target having an event in both the U.S. and abroad, as our community reaches far and wide. Here are some preliminary thoughts after a meeting held with Mary Colvig, marcia and ctalbert on February 22, 2008. Those notes are can be found below:

March 2008: Current Plan for Possible Developer Days

OSCON, July 2008 [QA contact: marcia]

EU Mozilla Camp (October 24-26, 2008, Barcelona) [QA contact: marcia]

  • Official wiki is here:
  • Conference call with William Quiviger on 7/24/08.
  • Invites: QA can invite 25-30 people to the event
    • We should target some of the folks that were invited to the Summit but could not attend. Waiting for list from danp.
  • Format of Event:
    • Attendees arrive on Friday evening. Welcome Dinner.
    • Saturday: Keynotes in Morning, Dev/QA/l10n Tracks in afternoon.
    • Sunday: Keynotes in Morning, Dev/QA/l10n Tracks in afternoon.
  • Brainstorm of Possible QA Tracks:
    • Introduction to the Tools we use
    • Automated and Manual Tracks
    • l10n QA session
    • Bug Bash session where we do live testing
    • I suggested that they incorporate Lightning Talks.

Seneca Automated Test Workshop [QA contact: ctalbert]

  • Dave Humphrey of Seneca University has offered to help organize a test writing workshop that will focus on the philosophy and how-to specifics of automated test creation for the Mozilla platform. Its aim is to bring the community together around automated and regression testing and to capture the very best of what occurs at those sessions on film. We hope to make an engaging and informative resource that can be used to help teach and popularize automated test writing as a means of introduction into the Mozilla World. More information is available on its wiki page.

Possible Developer Day in Asia?

  • What do people think?
  • Idea 1: Piggyback off existing Engineering Developer Days Planned for 2008

This idea was discussed. Currently Mary is waiting for a list of planned events from shaver. The earliest event we could target would be the European Developer Day which is planned for early June 2008, location TBD

  • Idea 2: Have our own Developer Day Event

We would have to identify the location of community members and figure out a location that works well.

  • Idea 3: Try to meet up community members at a conference (Birds of a Feather)

We could target conferences where we can meet up with QA community members and talk about testing (more informal) Possible ideas offered by Mary:

  • Special session at OSCON in July (San Diego, CA)
  • SQE conferences. There might be folks interested in testing. They could apply for a community grant and then attend the conference. We could have 1-2 QA folks from our end meet up with them at the conference location. StarEast is held in May and StarWest is held in October.

The consensus from the Mozilla QA team is that we should target Ideas 2 and 3 for this year. The best to time to target an event would be after we ship FF 3.

  • Ideas for Sessions (from Mozilla QA Team)
    • Live Testing Session
    • Test Development
    • How to write a reduced testcase (mw22?)
    • Leak testing (also for extensions) for the ages (tomcat)
    • Litmus/Localization Testing
    • Performance testing automation
    • Buildbot related stuff
    • security/js testing
    • QMO community building