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  • This is still a work in progress and, thus, this wiki page is an ongoing draft until the plan has been finalized. When it is finalized, this message will be removed from the page.


  • To simplify the flow for a user to join the project in a way that makes their experience comfortable and beneficial. It shouldn't throw too much information out at first, but also should give the community member a free-and-easy choice to do what they feel like doing at Mozilla.
  • The idea of what to offer the user is pretty fragile and should be handled in very a simple and concise way (i.e. less than 50 words and/or easy to comprehend images)


  • Here's the current implementation mock-up:
    • Front page will now have a hyperlink to Mibbit in-Browser Chat Client via the "#qa channel on" text in the "Communicate" section
    • Specific ways to Get Involved will "slide down" after the hyperlink "I'd actually like to help somewhere else" is clicked on from the "Get Involved" section
    • Get Involved Links on "After Slide"
      • Help Code Test Tools and/or Test Cases - Link
      • Join the Bug Verification Team - Link
      • Debug Crash Reports - Link
    • Front page will be re-done to look like the following pages

- Get Involved Front Page Before Slide and After Slide