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How to prepare for Test Day

1. Announcements should be posted to the following areas:

  • (a) Mozilla QA blog
  • (b) MozillaZine Firefox build Forum
  • (c) newsgroup
  • (d) Submit a story to MozillaZine (this won't work on short notice)

If we are testing *pre-Firefox 2 *release builds, please do not announce the testing as Firefox 2 testing since it confuses the press. I customarily use Bon Echo, or emphasis that it is a release candidate, beta, etc.

2. Morph the page from the last test day

Make sure the latest test day pages is updated with the correct builds, dates, any rewards we are giving out to top testers, etc.

3. Change the following sections as appropriate:

  • (a) What needs to be tested
  • (b) Who is moderating
  • (c) Name of product(s)we are testing
  • (d) Update links to the builds you want them to test

4. Add a link to the Test Day under Hot Events: