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This is our archive for the Quality and Automation community calls.

The call happens every two weeks on Tuesdays at 8AM Pacifc (which is currently 16:00 UTC).

To Join

This is a phone-only meeting. To dial in:

  • You can call these numbers using either a phone or Skype
    • Dial 1-800-503-2899
    • Passcode: 5456529#
    • Numbers for International Callers:
      • Note this page says "web maker" numbers, but you can use the same numbers for our call too, just be sure to use our passcode and you will join our call.

Next Meeting is Feb 10th 2015


Meeting Page Template

The meeting page template lives on the etherpad.

How to make a new template

  1. Go to the template page above
  2. Click the Import/Export button
  3. Choose to export as HTML and save the HTML file to your machine
  4. Go to the new etherpad location (the next meeting link above)
  5. Click the Import/Export button
  6. Click the browse button and select the HTML file from step 3
  7. Replace the etherpad's default content with the imported content.
  8. Change the date, add a new roll call question, and click the "clear authorship colors"
  9. Announce the new date of the community call on, and other mailing lists, sending the link to the new etherpad.