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Curriculum Development/Pedagogy

This will fall into two broad categories:

1. Quick one-shots, to contribute scripts to repositories in existing projects. This will be vocational rather than academic — aimed at folks who are trying to acquire and demonstrate job skills. These will benefit from Webmaker's work on remixable teaching kits.

2. Longer term "significant body of work" for academic/university credit. This may take the form of testing frameworks or suites, but will be at the scale of affecting a whole project rather than just one corner of testing.

In 2014Q3 and subsequent quarters, we hope that the first 'class' of folks (6 to 12 people) to go through QA 101 or QA 201 will stick around and help us with several Mozilla projects, including but not limited to:

  • Firefox Accounts
  • Sync 1.5
  • Marketplace
  • Token Server
  • Find My Device
  • Simple Push

Possible rewards and recognition

  • Linkedin Recommendations
  • GitHub verification? (fork the work and/or put it in Mozilla Repo)