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  • Do we have the final dates for the event?
    • Three events coming
      • Tunis at end of September
      • In November in Buenos Aires
      • In January in Kuala Lumpur
    • Structure
      • Three Day Event
        • First day: Skills for Community building, etc
        • Second 2 days: 3 hour curriculum for each content area and it will repeat twice or possibly 3

Information from the Events meeting held on July 22, 2014

  • Dates are confirmed - September 26-28th
  • Call for Applications is supposed to go out this week
    • Mentors - Rosana is working on this part
  • Content Areas are being finalized - 6-8 probably
  • Working on developing content - "Cohorts" that puts each of the sessions into a bucket
  • 250 - 300 estimated attendees
  • was the notes from the meeting
  • What is the final name of the event?
    • Steering Committee getting final approval of the name

Notes from etherpad

[marcia] Q: Do we have the final dates for the event? A: Probably Fri 2014-09-26 to Sun 2014-09-28, with presenters possibly arriving as early as Wed 2014-09-24. Possibly a week earlier (in which case neither Karl nor Michelle would be able to go).

Larissa is meeting with the Engagement team to talk about the structure of the event today -- she'll report back with details as soon as she can. Until then, we should avoid rigidly structuring the session. [Side note: Is Friday intended to be a full day? We think so, but Larissa will make sure.]

Etherpad for potential people we want to recommend inviting or can help us identify possible invitees: from the QA side:

We'll be bringing community members/leaders to find out their best practices, and will have opportunities for them to speak both within our own sessions and as part of the larger event. Curriculum should be created with community presenters in mind -- Larissa has also seen sessions co-presented by one paid contributor and one volunteer to great effect.

It's recommended to have two presenters for the three-hour session; you wouldn't want to do one of these on your own. But the second presenter can be a volunteer; we don't want to come across as 'imparting received wisdom.'

[mbrandt] Bring a bunch of kids' toys to bring to event? Helps teach exploratory testing.

We'll have community members to help present.

Consensus is that we should try to meet up in person during the QA work week (probably Wed or Thu), and convey the time and date to Larissa and Michelle as optional attendees.