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Control Center


Developer contact: Tim Taubert, :ttaubert on IRC

QA Lead: Catalin Varga [:VarCat], Paul Silaghi [:pauly]



[IN PROGRESS] Nightly 43: in progress

[IN PROGRESS] Aurora 42: Signed-Off

Risk analysis

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Control Center is a home for the most important site-level tools and information that users need to feel safe and in-charge of their online experience. The Control Center unifies existing controls that are scattered in many places alongside new contextual features. Fx42 launches the Control Center MVP that includes:

  • a revamped site security and site identity panel
  • site-level controls for Tracking Protection


Several UX modification were landed with this feature, in order to centralize this modifications, and for a better tracking of the latest implementation, this section will be updated constantly with the latest mock-ups.

Mock-ups have been created for:

  • Page Identity:
    • Chrome


    • Insecure Content


    • Secure Content DV Certificate


    • Secure Content EV Certificate


    • Weak Cipher


    • Active Mixed Content Blocked EV Certificate


    • Active Mixed Content Blocked DV Certificate


    • Mixed Content with passive loaded


    • Active Mixed Content blocked with passive loaded


    • Mixed Content disabled(active loaded)


  • Tracking Protection
    • Enabled and trackers present


    • Enabled no trackers present


    • Disabled


Enabling the feature

Identity and permission sides of the feature are enabled by default but to test tracking protection you must set privacy.trackingprotection.enabled to true via about:config and restart the browser.

Test cases

  • Smoke testing (basic functionality testing)
  • End-to-end testing (basic functionality and a focus on the interaction between identity page, permissions and tracking protection )
  • UI oriented testing using various OS themes and Firefox themes
  • Accessibility testing
  • Interaction with ad-block and ghostery add-ons
  • E10S on/off
  • Mixed Content test cases (active only, display only, both; enable/disable)

Bug work

Tracking bugs
  • Landed bugs: [1]
  • Bugs in need of a fix: [2]
Bug fix verification

[VERIFIED] Bug 1189976 - Rules and separators in Control Center panel are too dark
[VERIFIED] Bug 1188438 - Close the control center when the user clicks the tracking protection enable/disable button
[VERIFIED] Bug 1187705 - Control center subview black and white arrow icons don't have the same size
[VERIFIED] Bug 1184447 - Control Center door hanger's "More Information" is not clickable on bottom half when tracking elements are present
[VERIFIED] Bug 1184312 - Remove old tracking protection/MCB shield
[VERIFIED] Bug 1184231 - [Control Center] open=true attribute disappears when closing a site permission dropdown
[VERIFIED] Bug 1184103 - [Control Center] Show grey lock icon when the connection is degraded
[VERIFIED] Bug 1184060 - Anchor the Control Center to the middle of the icons in the identity block
[VERIFIED] Bug 1183774 - The grouped identity block is overlapping with the separator icon in osx 10.10 when the url bar isn't focused
[VERIFIED] Bug 1183580 - Identity block background bleeds over URL bar border when the window is inactive
[VERIFIED] Bug 1183240 - Update label copy on for Do Not Track setting in About:Preferences
[VERIFIED] Bug 1183203 - Identity block hover background color is jarring on the dark Dev Edition theme
[VERIFIED] Bug 1183159 - Identity block doesn't keep background color when control center is open
[VERIFIED] Bug 1182643 - [Control Center] panel is closed when I try to change site permissions
[VERIFIED] Bug 1180859 - [Control Center] Remove special icon for EV certs and use a single DV/EV icon instead
[VERIFIED] Bug 1180841 - [Control Center] Add focus styles for .identity-popup-buttons
[VERIFIED] Bug 1180642 - [Control Center] Close identity panel when a keyboard-initiated action would blur it
[VERIFIED] Bug 1180202 - Identity block should change background color on hover and always be separated from page address
[VERIFIED] Bug 1178985 - Show tracking protection section in Control Center even when it's only enabled in PB mode
[VERIFIED] Bug 1178163 - [Control Center] file:// URIs and some internal pages show red "Connection is not secure"
[VERIFIED] Bug 1177524 - [Control Center] Improve subview animations
[VERIFIED] Bug 1177438 - [Control Center] Move "verified by" label up in the security subview
[VERIFIED] Bug 1177195 - Include a 'learn more' link on the blocked tracking protection message in the web console
[VERIFIED] Bug 1177161 - [Control Center] More Information button needs to move to the bottom when expanding a subview
[VERIFIED] Bug 1175702 - Move Mixed Content Blocking labels and controls into Control Center
[VERIFIED] Bug 1175689 - Group the existing site identity URL bar icon with the tracking protection shield when TP is enabled
[VERIFIED] Bug 1175682 - [Control Center] Update icon to signal when active mixed content blocking is disabled
[VERIFIED] Bug 1175678 - Update icons for different Mixed Content Blocking states in the URL bar
[VERIFIED] Bug 1171085 - [Control Center] Restore keyboard accessibility for identity panel
[VERIFIED] Bug 1170762 - [Control Center] Move detailed connection information the the host subpanel
[VERIFIED] Bug 1168457 - [Control Center] Add new icon left of the host at the top of the identity panel
[VERIFIED] Bug 1167340 - Site identity panel has white space at the bottom
[VERIFIED] Bug 1146282 - [Control Center] New styling for host paragraph at the top of the identity panel
[VERIFIED] Bug 1146269 - [Control Center] New styling for "More Information" section at the bottom of the identity panel

Logged bugs

[RESOLVED WONTFIX] Bug 1189284 - [Control Center] Nightly becomes unresponsive after changing windows themes while the control center is opened
[NEW] Bug 1195753 - [Control Center] First panel gets wider when switching panels quickly using the keyboard
[NEW] Bug 1195757 - [Control Center] about:cache shows "Connection is not secure"

Sign off


  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the blocker, critical, major bugs have been fixed.