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Meeting Agenda:

Heart icon.gif Happy Valentine's day! Heart icon.gif

  • Q108 Goals midpoint update (everyone)
    • UPDATE - see document for updates
  • Handling bugs assigned tech-evangelism (marcia)
    • Some of these bugs are critical to popular web apps (eg. google calendar, hotmail), but are they being tended for?
    • DISCUSSION - has anyone talked to tech-evangelism team? try to get Kev involved, since he has partner relationships. Keep a list on the wiki of issues consistently called out in hendrix. timr to contact shaver and kev to start a workflow with tech-evangelism and QA.
  • Verifying bugs with no automated flags? (tomcat)
    • DISCUSSION - asked by jesse if there are ways to verify bugs with no automation testsuite yet. Suggestion is to concentrate on bugs with bugs flagged as in-testsuite? and first start with doing a manual test to narrow it down. tomcat to run a query this list.
  • Creating minimal testcases for web developers (marcia)
    • DISCUSSION - sometimes developers will ask for a minimal testcase for a bug filed. How can we develop guidelines for this?
    • Do we currently do this? (martijn). yes, queries for qawanted or developer requests, and creates testcases
    • Maybe request a brown bag from developers for ideas
  • Firefox 3 beta 4 update (tchung)
    • Update - Code freeze ETA 2/28. Ship ETA 3/11ish
  • TB update (abillings)
    • Update - Code ship ETA 2/21.
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Remora 3.2 has unofficially gone to
      • Was scheduled for Monday public release, but still have numerous open bugs
    • Nothing yet on - will create a test plan next week
  • QMOv2 design update (jay)
    • update - latest design is better, still looking for 2nd draft feedback. Finalize design and show in couple weeks.
  • Testday this week on Addons manager.
    • Ideas of rewarding people for their help? (jay, marcia)
    • DISCUSSION - Jay to contact Rhian and come with a plan. Tshirts, certificates, stickers? Get list of recommended names to jay.
    • QA moderator schedule this week: (tchung monitoring throughout the day)
      • 7am-11am (coop/martijn)
      • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
      • 1pm-5pm (stephend/juanb)

  • Other topics?