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Meeting Agenda:

Discussion Items
  • QA Dev Day update (marcia, ctalbert)
    • Making progress here. Next step is to talk to Tristan/Ann Julie regarding updated location information for the onsite (marcia)
  • Bugs assigned to tech-evangelism contacts (timr)
    • I now regularly cc Kev Needham on bugs that involve Google functionality that is not working (marcia)
    • Update - Kev can help, but QA needs to update the contacts on a wiki. (timr) need to update table.
  • Using the Litmus "Recommend" Testsuite Feature (tomcat)
    • selecting the testruns were we want to have focus from the community
    • Discussion - We should adjust the front page to bring focus for the testruns we want. Move out the Fx2 testruns to the back. (tracy) to look it over, since he's litmus keymaster
  • Reviewing litmus changes for non-moco admins (tracy, timr)
    • Discussion - not to be a gatekeeper of litmus, trust litmus admin community to come up with their testcase management. (Tracy) to contact Coop to come up with a batch query on diffing the reports. File a bug.
  • Next In-litmus? / In-testsuite? triage meeting (marcia)
    • Follow Up? (marcia)
    • Update - 170 bugs still out there, some arent nominated. (marcia) to set up this week.
  • Archive videos of QA brown bags, and have them posted on QMO (jay)
    • No progress yet, still need to talk to IT and will most likely wait until I have them stored somewhere before posting to QMO. ETA: mid-March
    • Follow Up? (jay)
  • Getting Windows and Linux Debug builds running in the QA lab (marcia)
    • Currently tomcat set us up with debug builds for Mac in the QA lab, but we don't have the environment set up for Windows and Linux. In order to fully integrate debug testing into the Tiger Team repertoire, I would like some help setting up machines in the lab that would have that capability.
    • Update - Debug build setup for Windows XP. Still missing Linux. (clint) to update linux build, (marcia) to maintain it
Project Updates
  • Firefox 3 beta 4 update (tchung)
    • Beta 4 Testplan complete
    • ETA beta 4 (3/10-3/14) See release schedule
    • Discussion from Director's meeting - probably a Beta 5 targeting late march, RC targeted Mid may.
    • For Fx2, RC cycles were about 2 weeks. (tchung/timr) to sit down and look over planning schedule.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Current status - 120 bugs filed, 66 open, 2 possible shipstoppers: bug 419988|bug 419752 for beta4.
    • Next test steps - Leak session at fosdem
      • Mozilla japan wants translated leak steps
      • draft of community leak testing sent to shaver
  • Fx update (al)
    • TB postmortem
    • Discussion - Fx2.0.0.13 freeze next friday. patches still landing
    • Meeting this afternoon to talk about testplanning around it
    • QA work targeting week of March 11th, refer to Release schedule
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Had a 2-hour triage meeting with Basil, morgamic yesterday, and we've got 42 bugs to fix/verify/regress in a week :-(
      • morgamic to talk to his team and come up with a new schedule
    • testing round 1 of 4 begins Friday, Feb. 29
  • Community update (jay)
    • Discuss community participation in bug verifications (marcia/jay)
      • Do we want to? How much feedback do we want? How do we manage Bugzilla privileges?
      • Discussion - teach community to send out a bug query, of bugs they found. Have community go over list, and if they verify bugs, to leave a comment (for those w/out editbugs privileges)
      • Create a forum post on QMO on having people look at bugs, and have people make comments on what bugs they track. (tchung)
    • Good progress with QMO redesign, Airbag liked my page template descriptions and the designer is putting together v3 mockup. Hopefully ready for review next week.
    • Compiling survey reports now, hope to have a report completed in a couple of weeks. Will post to QMO or my Mozilla blog to present the results to the community.
    • Mozilla QA Companion (formerly QA Extention) is up in the AMO sandbox, will be posting to QMO for some early "beta" testing while we wrap up the last couple of blocker bugs. On track for mid-March official release.
  • Fosdem update? (tomcat)
    • Met up with tons of localizers, developers
    • 10 year party at the end
  • Testday this week on bookmarks/history (Al/ Tracy) are the topic regulators this week.
    • Moderator assignments
      • 7am-11am (tomcat/martijn)
      • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
      • 1pm-5pm (marcia/tchung)
    • Next week's beta 4 testday to include l10n teams
  • Fx3 Localization Testday? (timr)
    • Concentrated effort from L10n Team
    • Mic, Pascal to drive this effort. Includes organizing, planning, and guiding of this event. (Tomcat, tchung, Timr) to provide guidance if needed.

Other topics?

  • Need to start QMO content planning (jay). I want to propose a separate meeting every couple of weeks to discuss what we need to gather, who will be writing/owning certain areas, and other general work that needs to be done in preparation for the QMO re-launch in Summer 2008. Need to find out who is interested and get firm commitments.