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Discussion Items

  • Testday signup sheet (tchung)
    • Begin a rotational list of head moderators. will create a signup sheet.
    • See testday rotation
  • How will test organization resume with 3.0.x releases forthcoming? (timr)
    • Balancing between 2.x, 3.x, and Moz2 projects
  • bug 417037 is causes missing profiles via AFP (tracy)
    • How do we get more testing on this?
    • Who has experience with AFS enviroments?

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3 (tchung)
    • RC2 shipped!
      • Next steps? monitor feedback, crash reports, bake for a week, UNCO bugs
      • Start looking at Fx 3.0.1 bugs
  • Fx 2.x update (al)
    • We're still hoping for code freeze tomorrow (or during the weekend). Triage is meeting again today to go over a bunch of new nominations. Schedule is as follows:
      • Code freeze: June 6
      • QA starts: June 10 - Tests for a week.
      • Release to beta channel: June 17
      • Final Release: June 24
    • The QA Test Plan is available.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • not much to update - more memory leaks
    • Starting next week with investigating/work on LeakAutomation Test work, but thats more TDAI Content :)
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO 3.4.3 is shipping tonight
    • Continued Download Day testing
    • Polishing testing
      • In-product pages are ready for tier 1 / tier 2 locales
      • Testing Marketing / partner add-on promotions
      • Some RTL regressions on Arabic that I'm investigating w/Pascal
  • Testday this week on RC2 (part 2) (tomcat) is the topic moderators this week.
  • Community
    • mozqa t-shirts and bags should arrive around June 16-17
    • qmo2 content creation project is underway, look out for emails from with paulc or me about next steps soon.

Other topics?