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Discussion Items

  • Firefox 3 Launch plans (tchung)
    • What's left to do before 6/17?
      • need to verify new signed win/mac/linux installers with naming convention saying Firefox 3.0.dmg,exe,tar.... versus Firefox 3.0 RC3.
      • final /firefox/all.html page (stephend)
      • final firstrun/whatsnew page (stephend)
        • update - clouserw is supposed to merge it today, and have it sync'd with trunk. Then will make a branch out of the 2.0 website. Testing has been completed.
      • final releasenotes page (stephend)
      • localized above sites? (stephend)
        • update - Tier 1 and Tier 2 firstrun has been done.
      • others stuff?
        • update adding some generic 2.0 pages on a template. clouserw/sam/sgarrity is working on that discussion. bug 431591
      • update testing? need to put everyone on the final bits.
        • put people on the final pages.
    • (tchung) to put together a short testplan for Final. work with (stephend) to get pages into testplan.
  • How will test organization resume with 3.0.x releases forthcoming? (timr)
    • Balancing between 2.0.0.x, 3.0.x, 3.1, and Moz2 projects
      • update - work on buglists for 3.0.1
      • Fx3.1 features coming. start signing up for areas you are interested in. PRD forthcoming.
      • Moz2 areas coming soon also.
  • Q208 goals reminder (timr)
    • work on finishing your goals by end of June
    • Q3 goals on the way? (July-Sept 08)
      • List is due 1st week of July, so we'll start discussing this next week's meeting.
      • (tchung) to setup a webpage
      • Examples: automation, cleaning up testcases for Fx3, areas of improvement, operational goals.

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3 (tchung)
    • RC3 shipped! Completed RC3 testplan in 2 days. [tomcat, tracy]
    • Final ship date 6/17
  • Fx 2.x update (al)
    • Code freeze: June 6
    • QA starts: June 10 - Tests for a week.
    • Release to beta channel: June 17
    • Final Release: June 24
    • The QA Test Plan is available.
      • update - checking just landed today. Smoketests will begin tomorrow morning. dates above will shift
      • tbird pushed to July
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Filed last week 8 new Leak Bugs. most leaks are related to uninstalling Extensions
    • Also i plan to start working this week on leak testing/automated extension performance testing. Filed bug 437984 and bug 437987 for this.
    • 2 bugs away from 300 leak bugs!
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO
      • 3.4.3/3.4.4
        • Will be pushed lived tonight
      • 3.4.5
        • Will be pushed 7/1
    • Download Day: lots of polish work and a few last-minute translations (to the emails) ongoing
      • Minor fixes/tweaks ongoing
  • Accessibility Testing update (marcoZ)
    • Resumed on test development this week.
      • Worked with Rob to get tests running regularly, nothing final to announce yet.
    • New version of QAC has accessibility XUL fixes.
    • 3.0 is in very good shape for a first release on Linux. Lots of good feedback in private conversations and also through e-mail and mailing lists.
    • A few issues I want to see in 3.0.1, some have patches, others will have them soon, but a lot of work can be pushed to 3.1.
  • Community (jay)
    • topics for this category have now been moved to QA team meetings.

Other topics?