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Discussion Items

  • need a litmus server to throw permanent testcases against it (Stephend / Coop to figure out specs)
    • Any new update?
    • Past discussion: Need some static tests for storage
    • Three things:
      • A) coop has set up a repo at mozilla/webtools/litmus/testcase_files, which gets mirrored out to
      • B) Just need to come up with a directory structure within this (not sure this is the right time to have a meeting for this), and then each do C, below:
      • C) We'll need to all get CVS checkin access to this repository (to land--shouldn't have just a few people responsible for landing testcases, I don't think?), but that's an easily filed IT bug (per person). -- stephend
    • Eggplant tests need to be ran here also. currently running off bc's box
    • We need another machine? Figure out source code control.
  • New Test tools category in bugzilla (timr)
    • Submit your bugs under the test tool (Product: Testing, Component: <test tool eg. Talos, minotaur)
    • Testcases are still under the feature component

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3 (tchung)
    • RC2 testing. Testplan here.
      • Targeting early release on Wednesday,
      • focus on rc2 checkins
  • Fx 2.x update (al)
    • No changes
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • 4 Leak Bugs Filed but busy with RC1/RC2 Testing, so less leak work currently...more leaks next week :)
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • working on caching issue for download day map
  • Testday this week on RC2 (tomcat) is the topic moderators this week.

Other topics?