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Discussion Items

  • Firefox 3.5 testplan status
    • See spreadsheet
    • How do people feel about clarify and focus of things?
  • Q2 Goals progress checkin
    • Any overall issues here to discuss?
    • Will go through individual status with timr or tchung
  • QAE Growth plans
    • Backfilling security QA role for Al going part-time
    • 3 QAE positions still open

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.11 (abillings)
    • All builds are out.
    • Smoketests are complete.
    • BFTs in progress.
  • Firefox 3.5 (tchung)
    • RC1 Testplan Please sign up to help
    • code freeze 5/21, builds 5/25, ship 5-7 days later
  • Final 2.0 -> 3.0 major update (abillings)
    • Went to beta last week. Plan to release by Thursday (5/21).
    • Last major update for 2.0.
  • 3.0 -> 3.5 major update trial run (abillings) - juanb to cover if abillings out
    • Waiting for new bits for testing.
  • Webdev Projects update (stephend)
    • AMO 5.0.6 schedule slipping -- after the testday on Friday, we'll figure out freeze/ship dates
    • Meeting today to kickoff Upgrade the Web project.
    • SUMO
      • Shipped SUMO 1.0.2 - The New Search is finally out there!
      • SUMO 1.1 - Screencast-Code freeze is on Thursday.
    • Personas
      • Shipped 1.3
      • Working on 1.4 release
    • Spreadfirefox
      • Scoping of 3.1 underway; may do an interim release to address a few major bugs.
      • Testing 3.5 release is in progress.
    • Upcoming projects
    • Other
      • Web Testday is this Friday, 05/22. Please plan to be there!
  • QMO Discoverability Project (aakash)
    • Finished Bug Triage
    • Added doc links to tools
    • Re-organized the litmus docs folder within Test
    • Started assignment of primary contacts for projects on QMO
    • Paulc is making time estimations
    • Survey Results show users in favor of removing/not needing Who's Online and Recent Forum Topics snippets

  • Website Testing Project (henrik)
    • Project is live and propagated through major channels (planet, l10n newsgroups)
    • Waiting for proposals of companies and countries (less answers until now)
    • Next week writing an article for the Mozilla newsletter to inform about the testday, on June 5th
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Embedded HTML5 Audio/Video controls are now exposed to screen readers on Windows and Linux. This is in both trunk and 1.9.1.
    • Work on ARIA grids/tables/tree tables is commencing on trunk, hopefully one day leading to accessibility of things like Google Spreadsheets, which is currently largely unusable for me and others.
    • Mac Unittest tinderboxes on m-c have been running the a11y Mochitests successfully for over a week now!

Other topics?