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Version 1.1 last updated 05/15/09

We need to figure out the configuration of the QA lab in the new building. We have an existing set of machines which can be found here:

Some of them will not need to be transitioned over, and there are some that are being used for remote testing that may or may not need to be in the lab.

Here is a preliminary document that I came up with, please feel free to add comments to it.


  • I think we can get by with the "L" shape of the lab currently. The other side of the lab is rarely used so I don't think we necessarily would need that space, but if we could get more space things could be more flexible if we needed to spread out. It would be good if the lab had some glass so you could see into it and make it look more inviting.
  • Side table to work on machines [tchung]
  • Open vs. Closed: shaver has made a suggestion that the lab be in a open area versus a closed office so developers can have access to it.

Preferred Lab layout

  • I like having shelves of some sort so we don't have to bend down on the floor to futz with the machines
  • Use switch boxes for Linux and Windows machines so the number of monitors can be reduced
  • Bookshelves to house books about testing as well as reference materials from conferences that I have accumulated over time. tchung mentioned there is a forum thread indicating there may be a company wide area for this.

Storage requirements

  • Storage cabinet to store extra mice, cables, keyboards, printer cartridges,etc (Similar to what is outside of timr's office)

Seating requirements

  • A set of comfortable chairs
  • Can we take the existing set of chairs that are currently there with us?

Machine requirements

Here is the priority of machines:

First Priority

  • 1 Intel Mac iMac partitioned with Leopard/Snow Leopard
  • 1 PPC Mac G5 partitioned with Tiger and Leopard
  • 1 Windows Vista Ultimate Machine (unable to be run in a VM)

Not as essential

  • 1 Windows XP machine
  • 1 Windows 7 machine
  • 1 Windows 64 bit machine
  • 1 Linux machine
  • 1 Windows Tablet laptop that would be hooked to a monitor
  • 1 Windows Vista Machine running either Vista Business or Home Premium just for variety
  • 1 Intel Mac iMac with Tiger
  • 2 Debug machines from ctalbert

Monitor Requirements

  • 6 monitors (a few extra than we may need)

Mobile Testing Area

  • It has been suggested we have some devices available for testing. We need to work out the details of how the devices will be accessed, etc.

Printer Requirements

  • One network printer (HP)
  • One local printer (Canon)

Machines that possibly can be relocated

  • 1 Centos OS machine used by Bob Clary for testing
    • From bc on 5/15/09 - The centos machine could go to live in the colo if it needs to.
  • 2 Eggplant machines used by Tracy (lb-eggplant01 and lb-eggplant02)
    • From tracy on 5/15/09: The Eggplant machines aren't doing anything right now. They can be boxed up and stored for the time being. I still haven't got a definitive answer for the future of Eggplant testing. There are some fringe testing scenarios that Eggplant can do that no other automation can do or will likely ever be able to do. But it's probably not worth license expense and test case creation/maintaining to warrant keeping Eggplant around. Therefor, I think it has probably reached its end of life.
  • Need to follow up with IT re: IP addressed after the move in case things change

Machines that are no longer needed

  • Windows 98 box?
  • 3 User Perception Test Machines 1, 2 and three (per timr, to be picked up by IT)
  • qamini02 (no longer used by bc, available to use)

Power Requirements

  • Four sets of mounted power strips that have at last 6 outlets, similar to what we have currently in the lab


  • All existing keyboards and mice will be taken. Unused items can be used as extras in the storage cabinet.

Switch Box

  • Ethernet hub that can accommodate at least 20 cables
  • We have plenty of ethernet cables that can go over in the move

Open Issues

  • For Karen
    • Lab tables - anything special that has to be done with them for the move besides adding stickers?
    • Existing black storage cabinet - can it be taken with us for lab storage?
    • Lab chairs stickered with move stickers?
    • Whiteboards - Can they come with us and be installed in the new space? If not can they be stored for when we move to the 2nd floor?
    • Can we take existing conf room chairs for the lab? Otherwise we will have nothing to sit on.
    • Confirm Lab Space is #318 since that is what we will sticker everything with that is destined for the lab.
  • For IT (mrz)
    • When will we have live ethernet drops available in the lab? There may be machines that need to be used for release testing. On move in day would like to have an hub where we can plug in at least 10 machines (we have an existing hub that can be used).
      • ETA 06/02
    • There are unused routers that are in the lab that they need to take or get rid of
    • Where do we place machines that need to be e-cycled?
      • TDB, probably in <corner>
    • Can you confirm that we do not have to reimage machines that are being e-cycled?
      • hard drives will be destroyed before pickup

Floor Plans

650 Castro Move Inventory