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Discussion Items

  • QAE Q2 goals update (timr)
    • Speak if you're blocked.
      • Update:
      • Mozmill modal dialog dependency: bug 486407
      • Mac VoiceOver accessibility dependency on apple
      • BFT testcases redo, lowered priority due to 3.5
      • Litmus cleanup, percentages may need re-evaluation, priority due to 3.5
    • Focus on 3.5, and add upcoming vacations to the calendar.
  • Firefox 3.5 testplan status
    • Still not 100% completed. Lets talk.
    • See spreadsheet
    • Any blocking issues from shipping RC1, raise them here.
  • MU testing document (abillings, timr)
    • Document is live on QMO.
    • Update: Comments have been made on qa@, next step is to make the plan more public and get feedback from it.
  • Litmus Subgroup ownership reminder (tracy)
    • Please fix your unclear Litmus tests
    • Vet Failed results
    • Work your bugzilla related items; verifications, qawanted, in-litmus?
  • QAE Seating assignments (mv-only)
    • Send them to me and Timr if you havent
  • QA lab move (ashughes)
    • Update?

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.11 Respin / TB (abillings)
    • Firefox 3.0.11
      • Respun for Firefox 3.0.11 Build 2: took two bugs (one affecting extensions)
      • JuanB and ABillings doing smoketests and limited l10n.
      • Goes to Beta on Thursday (hopefully)
    • Thunderbird
      • Waiting for builds from build team. Bottlenecked by 3.5 build and then Firefox 3.0.11 builds.
  • Firefox 3.5 (tchung)
    • RC1 Testplan Assignments are set, but feel free to double up to speed up testing
    • builds: who knows. Test: 7 days
  • 3.0 -> 3.5 major update trial run (abillings)
    • Waiting for MU snippets from 3.0.11 to 3.5 RC1 from Build
  • Webdev Testing (stephend)
    • AMO
      • Working on AMO 5.0.6, coming along nicely -- slushy freeze tomorrow night, with a ship date of either next Tuesday or Thursday
    • SUMO
      • Testing screencast support -- hoping to ship next Tuesday
  • QMO Discoverability Project (aakash)
    • only need to finish the single-place-account-admin and get involved section additions to QMO, but have to wait for paulc to finish up finals
      • still on-track
  • Website Testing Project (henrik)
    • Testday moved to June 19th
    • Some feedback from post to German forum (ppl don't like the separate login)
    • Planning for next version will probably slip this Q
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Work on Firefox is currently blocked due to mozilla-central tree restriction, so patch queues are building up.
    • Firefox 3.5pre nightlies look good on the a11y front. Have 1 or maybe two items for a point release, and bug 494175 to flesh out, but no blockers for 3.5 on the a11y front.
    • Waiting for bug 178324 to land on mozilla-central. Everyone should keep an eye out for this since it may cause focus regressions. So once Firefox 3.5RC1 is done testing, people should get their hands on the nightlies and bang on them. Will do another call out to QA once this is more pressing.

Other topics?