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Discussion Items

  • Personal Q4 Goals
    • If you havent filled out your individual Q4 goals (or made final tweaks), please do so this week. [you know who you are!] Remember, your goals should reflect that of the QA All and Team Execution Goals listed at the top
  • Current Priorities check
    1. Crashes. The no.1 priority is Firefox crash investigation
    2. Fx testing. There are 142 fixed bugs, with 78 that need verification for this release. Al and team is overwhelmed, so please assist with verifications as much as you can. This is going to affect the current user set, so we need to make sure the top bugs at least are not regressing
    3. Fennec & 3.6 work. We need to keep pushing hard on testing features and solidifying the betas before we ship. But the top 2 come first if you have to
    4. Your other work you have. Put them on a temporary backseat if you can.
  • VERIFIED keyword? (tchung, aakash)
    • See discussion thread in mdq
    • What's the best usage of qa's time when verifying bugs? What is the rate of reopening a bug? Should we just stick to branch only?
    • Discussion - start by gathering some data on how much bugs are getting verified. then go about having a discuss. Timr, Murali to start thread
  • Firefox Release prioritization
    • Tentative assignments
      • 10/9 - 10/15: Firefox 3.6b1: (Timr lead), Anthony (part-time), Aakash, raymond, murali. Tegra: (Tony lead)
      • 10/6 - 10/13: Firefox 3.0.14, Firefox 3.5.4: (Al lead), Henrik , Gabriela
    • Beta by friday?
    • If delayed to next week,
      • Firefox 3.6b1: (juanb lead), tony, marcia, anthony (part-time). Tegra (marcia lead)
  • Remote access to Lab Machines
    • Raymond can do this next week, work with marcia to set priorities
    • Request which ones to prioritize first? (See Inventory)
    • Machines will be opened on the team via VPN
  • QA m-v move
    • Testdev moved to 2nd floor, WebQA moved to webdev area.
    • What's the best plan for QAE?
  • VM Ware update
    • Al updated the virtualization page. VMware 3.0 possible early october

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0x, 3.5x (abillings)
    • update?
  • Firefox 3.6 (juanb)
    • code freeze tonight (very subject to change)
      • We must try to get any litmus tests for new features done as soon as possible, in order to guide volunteers to test.
      • Create test cases as you go through your feature verifications. Tests don't have to be completely fleshed out, for now.
      • Try to complete test plans; update completion percentage numbers.
  • Tegra (marcia)
    • Newer Mobinnova OS image delivered and installed
    • 1 blocking issue: bug 518408 - need update snippets offered
    • This week: mochitests on mobinnova, followed by reftests. testdev got it working on the breadboard.
  • Fennec (aakashd)
    • Maemo Beta 4 was released on Monday Night
      • E-mail sent out to mobile mailing list as well as personal e-mails for mobile drivers
      • Pages went live yesterday, but stephend didn't know anything about it
    • Code Freeze for Beta 5 schedule for 11/2 and Beta 5 release for 11/5 or 11/9

  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
      • BFT: Blocked (2), Assigned (3), Fixed (65 - 32.3%), Not Doable (43) => Target (70 - 5 left which are covered by working software update tests), 6 subgroups finished
      • Mozmill talk in Prague was a success as given by Marcia. Blog post with slides are available
      • Fixed a couple of blocking bugs lately (default profile)
      • Looking for another minor release of Mozmill by this week
      • Planning for Q4 as soon as possible
  • QMO & Community (marcia, aakashd)
    • FSOSS + Mozmill Testscripting Testday is going to happen on 10/29-10/30
    • Litmus 2 Testday is looking to be a joint L10n + QA Focus Group Litmus 2 Testday
    • Jack Aiello from Independence High School came in to HQ to talk logistics
    • Need some head-way for Test Pilot Testday Ideas (Proposals, Unit Tests, etc.)
      • Presentation looks to be on either 10/22 or 11/05 for the Electronics Academy there
    • Crowd-Source Community T-Shirt designs for different groups of QA?
  • Accessibility (marcoz)
    • Firefox 3.5.4 a11y fix verified.
    • Firefox 3.6B1 fixes verified.
    • No a11y fixes for 3.0.15.
  • QA Metrics ( Murali )
    • Created bug fixes trend by developer / by group and added it to the dashboard.
      • These reports would show the number of blocker/non-blocker bugs fixed by developer in the last 24 weeks.
    • Creating a "Details of Comments made by Engineer" in BugZilla in the last 30 days reports section this week.

Round Table