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WebQA has signed up to help QA the CRM website while we wrap up some site architecture and theme issues. Most of the functionality is implemented and therefore ready for testing.

Please add any testing documents and test results here so we can track QA progress.

Test Cases

Mozilla WebQA: Please add a list of common use cases here so that we have a good list of things to use to sanity check the application before we launch. This should include everything you can imagine a members of doing from the first visit to managing groups to hosting events. Thanks! - Jay

Final QA on (12/18 - 12/22)

A lot of cleanup and configuration changes have been made to the latest staged site... so please test assuming this functionality is what we will go live with when it's time for launch (there is still some more cleanup to do in terms of test data and missing links, etc). Please log bugs for every issue you find... and flag the ones you feel are blockers, but keep in mind we will have time to fix minor issues in the next version of Thanks! - Jay

About Us
Policy Page
Contact Us

Are all dud links in the header.

  • (Bug 535854)Leaving the "Birthday" field blank give the error "Field Birthday <a href='#' id='field_profile_birthdaylink'><img src='/sites/all/modules/contrib/cck_field_privacy/padlock.png' alt='Privacy' /></a> has errors. The year must be a number between 1 and 4000. The month must be a number between 1 and 12. The day must be a number between 1 and 31."
  • Bug 535863Add better default email message that contains data of the event
  • Bug 535870 Home link in breadcrumbs hardcoded on profile pages

Initial QA on (11/16 - 11/18)

At first glance, there are a number of bugs that exist on our staging server that are not issues on the Trellon staged site. Jay and the WebQA team will update with a short list of major bug that Oremj can fix via site/server configuration. Let's track those bugs in a list here until we are ready to post to the bug:

  1. Profile images aren't displayed
  2. Google Map not working (Jay already added a new API key)
    1. Error on home page (and elsewhere), most likely related to Google Maps
      1. Error: The selected file /tmp/filemX3MC8 could not be uploaded, because the destination js/gmap_markers.js is not properly configured.
  3. Events link on the header ( is blank
  4. People search gives blank page
  5. editing your Account -> Public Profile tab gives DB error
  6. Searching using Search box on the header gives error - The Apache Solr search engine is not available. Please contact your site administrator.
  7. Signing-up for an event gives 'Confiramtion' message as well as a DB error
  8. When waiting for approval to join a group, users can continually "Request membership"

To get started:

  • Visit
  • Create accounts (normal user, community lead, and admin)
    • I will provide the necessary permissions once the accounts are created.
  • Explore the site and start getting a feel for how the public and private CiviCRM backend works.
  • Develop test plan for common use cases
    • I can help walk through the applications
  • Report bugs on this wiki so I can pass on to Trellon for evaluation and fixes
  • A LOT of the UI is missing b/c of theme issues, so here are a few URLs that will help you navigate:

Final Round of QA before we move to Mozilla servers (10/6 - 10/14]

New bugs list [1]

All bugs [2]

Fixed bugs [3]

  • Bug 520867 - User agreement in registration form is not mandatory to create a new account
  • Bug 520870 - Email addresses on profiles should not be visible to logged out users
  • Bug 520876 - Admin interface bar small and hard to read (fuzzy)
  • Bug 520877 - Typo:"contributer" should be "Contributor"
  • Bug 520880 - When deleting a user "Are you sure you want to delete the account xxx" is over lapped
  • Bug 521295 - As a admin, on your "user" page the buttons run off the side of the theme
  • Bug 521498 - Page not found error on clicking "view all" for Discussions under Firefox group
  • Bug 521779 - No "join to group" or "group list" link on user's dashboard
  • Bug 521799 - Asterisk in group search query outputs MySQL error
  • Bug 522236 - Signup to event completed with "invalid data" error
  • Bug 522237 - Canceling sign-up to an event should include confirmation question
  • Bug 522239 - View more button in a Most active users module links to people search

Test Results/Bugs from Week of 7/27

  • No logout button shown for registered users. [TMZ]
  • Users can sign up for account names with "illegal" characters in them
  • Need to upgrade version of Drupal to fix security issues
  • Search doesn't search the site
    • Need to run cron?
  • while logged in shows a bunch of SQL-statement dumps
  • Difficult to locate sign up and login buttons on the homepage.
  • Bugzilla,Sunbird are stated as award winning web browsers on the homepage.

Jay's Testing Notes from Week of 7/27

h3. User Profile

  • Product field does not accept multiple values. [BUG]

h3. Initial QA test results [updated 20090729]

  • No logout button shown for registered users.
    • [Jay says: This should be fixed with our new IA and theme work]
  • Users can sign up for account names with "illegal" characters in them
    • [Jay says: We should only accept "standard" alphanumeric characters for usernames... but if we need to be more flexible for other languages, please let me know. Just want to avoid chars that might case issues in various placed in the app]
  • Need to upgrade version of Drupal to fix security issues
    • [Jay says: I'm assuming this will be done before we wrap up the project. I expect the Drupal version delivered is patched with the latest security releases and is secure]
  • Search doesn't search the site
    • [Jay says: I believe we have a bug/issue in redmine for this]
  • Need to run cron?
    • [Jay says: Can we automate the cron? Isn't there a poormanscron module that does that? Is there a better option?]
  • while logged in shows a bunch of SQL-statement dumps
    • [Jay says: I've seen a few errors like this... but I'm assuming this is due to active development work going on. But worth looking into]

h2. Legal team change requests

  • Remove "year" from any public profile information displayed (make it private)
    • If it's easier, just remove the "year" from the form (we don't really care how old people are)
  • Change user agreement box in signup dialog
    • Use this for now: "I attest that I am over 13 years of age and that if I'm not yet a legal adult, I have my parents permission to share my profile with the Mozilla community." (still needs final legal copy)
  • Lock specific public profile fields by default (address, t-shirt size, gender, etc) that most users probably won't want to share publicly.
  • Add disclaimer/warning at the top of the public profile form with a message that clearly states:

"All fields that are unlocked will be displayed publicly on"

h2. User profile field changes and questions

  • why is the mail address separate from the rest of the location info? can we make it all one group and just note that mailing address will be kept private?
  • Social Networks: Change "URL" to "Profile or Group URL" (and provide an example?)
  • Change the lock icon images to be more visible and adjust form fields to align properly.
  • Why is there a delete checkbox for the location?
  • Change "CVS" to "Hg" and add field for email address (account name)
  • Change bio field to a shorter length and set character limit (to keep it short and sweet)
  • Do we need both a profile title and a preferred name? is profile title like a username? (if so, we should change the term)
  • What's the language pull down for? (is this for future localization of the website?)
  • Twitter field shouldn't need to be a valid url. People should be able to put in a URL or just @<twittername>

h2. Group changes and questions

  • What is a group registration code?