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Firefox Preview 79.0.2-RC1 Test Plan

Smoke tests

QA Task Person/Group
Softvision Alternating

QA Assignment

Assigned Build type Device Completed Results
Andrei Bodea ARM Google Pixel 4XL (Android 11) August 3rd, 2020 in progress
Sorina Florean x86 Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Android 5.1) August 3rd, 2020 in progress
Andrei Joltan ARM OnePlus A3 (Android 6.0.1) August 3rd, 2020 in progress
Oana Horvath ARM Huawei P20 lite (Android 9) August 3rd, 2020 in progress
Mirabela Lobontiu ARM Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Android 9) August 3rd, 2020 in progress
Diana Rus ARM Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 8) August 3rd, 2020 in progress


Smoke tests

Bug verification

Everyone August 3rd, 2020 in progress

Issues that need QA:

  • 7536 - [Bug] Crash @kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException: at mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager.FxaAccountManager.postAuthenticated(FxaAccountManager.kt:36) - in progress


New issues


  • 13221 - [Bug] With ETP disabled the trackers are still displayed as blocked


Known issues



  • 12668 - [Bug] Close private tabs from lock-screen while media is playing leaves an empty notification
  • 11819 - [Bug] Mic displayed on widget when Show voice search option is disabled
  • 10740 - FNX-4517 ⁃ [Bug]Tab Tray: Open Tabs media controls aren't displayed
  • 9713 - [Bug] Find in page finds something even after erasing query
  • 12248 - [Bug] Report site issue is missing from Add-ons sub menu
  • 7953 - [Bug] Error 0/0 displayed when double tapping on Find in page toolbar
  • 4178 - [Bug] Sharing multiple tabs to another browser, only opens 1 tab