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Assigned Build Completed Results
Aaron Train October 3rd, 2012 PASS
Aaron Train October 3rd, 2012 PASS



UI Exerciser

  • LG Ally: keyDispatchingTimedOut - bug 706500
  • Motorola Xoom: NullPointerException on the devices YouTube application
  • Motorola Droid (unsupported): keyDispatchingTimedOut -> bug 706500
  • HTC WildFire: ###!!! ABORT: OpenGL-accelerated layers are a hard requirement on this platform. Cannot continue without support for them.: file /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-andrd-armv6-bld/build/widget/xpwidgets/nsBaseWidget.cpp, line 851 - bug 778175
  • HTC Nexus One: Works locally with the ARMv7 and ARMv6 build on a local device (Aaron)

Startup Crashes