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Fennec (Firefox for Android) 21.0 Beta 2 build 2 Test Plan


See the Feature Release Tracking wiki for a general overview of this release. Found below are a subset of all high-priority items

Feature Owner Status Tests
Private Browsing Teodora Vermesan In Progress QA Feature Tracking & MozTrap References


QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Softvision Every Beta

Light verification tests (or smoketests) will be first run when the builds are ready. Tests are available on Mozilla Moztrap under the 18.0 smoketest suite. In any case of failure in any Smoketest, blockers need to be raised ASAP before proceeding to the BFTs.

Assigned Device Completed Results
Kevin Brosnan Nexus 4 (Android 4.2.2) April 13, 2013 Pass
Aaron Train Transformer TF201 (Android 4.0.4) April 13, 2013 PASS
Kevin Brosnan LG Slider (ARMv6) April 13, 2013 Pass

Detailed Smoketest results

L10N (Localization) Spot Checks

QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Spot Check Verification SoftVision Every Beta

Light testing on featured locales to ensure strings fit the space allotted and there are no entity errors from missing or corrupt localizations.

Assigned Device Completed Results
Kevin Brosnan Nexus 4 (Android 4.2.2) 2013-April-13 Pass

Detailed L10N matrix