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Fennec (Firefox for Android) 47.0 Aurora Sign Off Test Plan


Feature Release Tracking

  • Polish list item UI
  • Update copy for in-app feedback solicitation + make it web-based
  • Remove web app support (WebRT)
  • Highlighting features on browser update
  • Option to turn off web fonts to reduce bandwidth
  • Provide system notification to give an EOL message to Gingerbread users
  • Add History and Bookmarks in Menu
  • Extend time to show snackbar
  • Show main domain (origin) for long URLs in address bar only
  • Remove Favicons in Awesomebar to prevent HTTPS spoofing
  • Create a more consistent and representive description for "Tab Queues" in Settings
  • Fix crash rates to be < 2.0


QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Softvision Every Beta

Light verification tests (or smoketests) will be first run when the builds are ready. Tests are available on Mozilla Moztrap under the 47.0 smoketest suite. In any case of failure in any Smoketest, blockers need to be raised ASAP before proceeding to the BFTs.

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Ioana Chiorean 9 HTC Desire HD (Android 2.3.5) March 9th, 2016 PASS
Ioana Chiorean 9 Alcatel One Touch (Android 4.1.2) March 9th, 2016 PASS
Flaviu Cos 15 Asus ZenPad 8 (Android 5.0.2) March 9th, 2016 PASS
Teodora Vermesan x86 ZTE Grand In (Android 4.0.4) March 9th, 2016 PASS

Detailed Smoketest results

BFTs and Exploratory Testing

QA Task Person/Group How Often?
BFTs Softvision Alternating

Basic Functional Tests are a more comprehensive set of Mozilla Moztrap manually covered tests that cover functional testing of features that have landed.

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Flaviu Cos 15 Asus ZenPad 8 (Android 5.0.2) March 11th, 2016 PASS
Teodora Vermesan 15 One A2001 (Android 5.1.1) March 11th, 2016 PASS
Mihai Pop 15 Nexus 9 (Android 6.0) March 11th, 2016 PASS

Detailed BFT results

Branch Bug Fix Verifications

QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Verification Softvision Every Beta
Assigned Completed Results
Mihai Pop March 11th, 2016 Done

Detailed Bug Verification