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QA Assignment

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Lobontiu-Roman Mirabela API 16 Nexus 9 (Android 7.1.1) March 5th, 2019 PASS
Sorina Florean x86 Huawei MediaPad M2 (Android 5.1.1) March 5th, 2019 PASS
Levente Sacal API 16 Google Pixel 3 XL (Android 9.0.0) March 5th, 2019 PASS


SmokeTests detailed results


  • New
  • New to this Beta
  • Important issues:
  • Known Issues:
    • bug 1384860 - No focus on URL bar when Welcome screen is dismissed
    • bug 1374264 - Fennec Bookmark Management: Folder order incorrect if no sync/sync is performed
    • bug 1359363 - Search engine favicon flicker/blinks/flashes after pressing "Show search suggestions" option in "Search" settings
    • bug 1461646 - Download options buttons are missing from the control notification bar
    • bug 1511946 - Switch to tab icon and text doesn`t appear on Top Sites
    • bug 865185 - Download is restarted after resuming a paused download
    • bug 1490011 - Extra space is displayed in Custom Tab toolbar
    • bug 1515656 - Pinning a bookmarked site from history it makes the star disappearing
    • bug 1531714 - Multiple folders with the same name are not differentiated by anything
    • bug 1509455 - Youtube video suggestions are misaligned when a video is selected
    • bug 1304686 - Snackbar is not displayed after showing cached pages when Fennec is offline
    • bug 807762 - Selection handles and selection disappears when choosing "Select All" from the context menu for text controls

Example Bug: **{{Bug|1305969}} - Fennec sometimes get stuck in a state where there is a perma-bar of white on the bottom of the screen