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QA Assignment

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Sorina Florean x86 Xiaomi Mi Pad 2(Android 5.1) September 3rd, 2019 PASS
Laurentiu Apahidean API 16 Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 8.0.0) September 3rd, 2019 PASS
Sorina Florean API 16 Nexus 9 (Android 7.1.1) September 3rd, 2019 PASS
Diana Rus API 16 Google Pixel 3 XL (Android 9) September 3rd, 2019 PASS


SmokeTests detailed results


  • New
  • New to this Beta
  • Important issues:
  • Known Issues:
    • bug 1384860 - No focus on URL bar when Welcome screen is dismissed
    • bug 1374264 - Fennec Bookmark Management: Folder order incorrect if no sync/sync is performed
    • bug 807762 - Selection handles and selection disappears when choosing "Select All" from the context menu for text controls
    • bug 1548776 - Multiple Firefox Add-ons themes are not working-themes are not applied
    • bug 1554197 - A white rectangle is shown when performing the color test at
    • bug 1479749 - Specific options from 'Clear private data on exit' disconnect Firefox account

Example Bug: **{{Bug|1384860}} - No focus on URL bar when Welcome screen is dismissed