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QA Assignment

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Eliza Balazs x86 Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Android 5.1) June 4th, 2019 PASS
Sorina Florean API 16 Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 (Android 5.1.1) June 4th, 2019 PASS
Andrei Joltan API 16 Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 8.0) June 4th, 2019 PASS


SmokeTests detailed results


  • New
  • New to this Beta
  • Important issues:
  • Known Issues:
    • bug 1374264 - Fennec Bookmark Management: Folder order incorrect if no sync/sync is performed
    • bug 1384860 - No focus on URL bar when Welcome screen is dismissed
    • bug 1359363 - Search engine favicon flicker/blinks/flashes after pressing "Show search suggestions" option in "Search" settings
    • bug 1523844 - Pages don't fit the screen after rotating from landscape to portrait
    • bug 1552145 - videos don't play
    • bug 1551183 - Default theme is not present in the "Add-ons" section.
    • bug 1514168 - "Set a homepage" is not working for the first tab
    • bug 1479749 - Specific options from 'Clear private data on exit' disconnect Firefox account

Example Bug: **{{Bug|1305969}} - Fennec sometimes get stuck in a state where there is a perma-bar of white on the bottom of the screen