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Feature Reference

  • Overal Status:
    • Nightly: [ON TRACK]
    • Aurora: [ON TRACK]
    • Beta: [ON TRACK]
    • Owner:(Teodora Vermesan, irc: TeoVermesan)

Tracking Bugs

Testing Details

Bing search now uses HTTPS for secure searching on 36 Beta 9, 37.0a2 (2015-02-16) and 38.0a1 (2015-02-16)


  • Default search engine (query with status, no, )


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
771788 Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in-product URLs -- RESOLVED
958874 Use HTTPS for Bing search -- RESOLVED
1056651 Add snippet pointing to info detailing around search provider choices and how to manage them -- RESOLVED
1056653 Create landing page providing users info about search providers and search provider management P5 RESOLVED

4 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • testcases related (easier to track so when feature changes - update testcases)

HTTPS for secure browsing