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DeviceAnywhere provides a service for testing and monitoring the functionality, usability, performance and availability of mobile apps and websites. Through use of the their test centre, they provide instant online access to in-network mobile devices for manual testing of ones mobile application or website on a variety of devices and networks.

Key Capabilities
  • 24x7 remote online access to a diverse set of Android based mobile devices including feature phones, Smartphones, and Tablets.
  • Test across multiple devices or test device to device interactions from any location in the world.
  • Save time with test automation
  • The most accurate testing on real devices
  • Reliable results with less effort

For developers, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring the quality of their applications and making sure they work flawlessly across different devices, networks and geographies.

DeviceAnywhere Test Center

DeviceAnywhere Test Center is a service used by thousands of developers worldwide to test their applications and content on live mobile devices. Unlike emulators or simulators, the software provides an authentic remote ability to manipulate a device in any that an end user would do with a device such as: touch screen, multi-tap gestures, pinching or swiping, acceleromator, mute, power, open/close clamshell, remove the battery and much more.

Mozilla Mobile QA


How to Obtain an Account

Please contact one of the individuals below to request an account

QA Contact
Aaron, Kevin, Tony

How to Use the DeviceAnywhere Test Centre

Test Center - Android Devices

Through use of the software, users have the ability to subscribe to various handsets either by manufacturer or carrier (Mozilla subscribes to Android). The filter feature below the package bar allows one to find the exact device one is looking for so you won't have to search through a long list. The various icons on the right side of the device list will let you know the status of the device (available/offline/under maintenance). For popular devices, multiple device copies are offered so device contention is not an issue. If you need to acquire a device for specific date or time, there is a reservation feature to book in advance, available by right click context menu.

Acquiring and Using a Device

Acquiring a device is as easy as right clicking on the selected device and selecting Acquire. After acquiring a device, you will see it appear to the right of the device list. Once acquired, you can click on the device's screen and button to begin interacting with it. The devices model and phone number is visible from the information bar above the device. The devices console to the right of the device holds many additional features that allow you to interact with the device. One of the main features that can help increase productivity is keyboard text entry, you can type or paste text directly into the device for quick entry. The various tabs in the device console access additional features, for example the hardware tab allows access to pull the battery and access to the devices accelerometer (if available), and the tools section in the device console allow you to perform functions such as sending SMS to the device.

Releasing a Device

Releasing a device is as easy as right clicking on the selected device and selecting: Release. Releasing a device will minimize contention by allowing access to other users.

Filing a Bug about the Device

Filing a Bug about Firefox

Tips and Tricks

DeviceAnywhere Studio Tips
  • You can filter devices by typing into the filter field
Device Tips
  • You can simulate a gesture by holding down the <CTRL> keyboard key and dragging a directional arrow
  • If a device has a physical keyboard, you can rotate the device in the Hardware tab by pressing the button with the vertical label
  • If a device has a black screen or is not responding, you can try waking the device up by right clicking on the device and selecting wake device